New Member: Ofer Amir


Ofer Amir has lived and worked as a photographer in Finland for the past fourteen years. In that time, he has pursued his craft with passion and dedication gathering numerous national as well as international photographic awards. The results can be seen in the pages of his website with selected examples of his work with major advertising agencies in Finland as well as from contributions to national publication.

With a natural talent for getting in close to his subject matter, he creates a rapport which reflects in the personal probing quality of his images. This talent started out nearly two decades ago with the uncompromising camera eye of the press photographer and the old school skills of the darkroom. These core skills have evolved over time into a passion for every aspect of the photographer’s craft meeting at every turn the demands of commercial and artistic photography. Through attention to detail and a strong sense of empathy, Ofer gains the trust of his subjects from all walks of life and all ages. Through hard work, dedication to his craft and a vibrant personality, he has gained the respect of his peers and a solid position on the international photographic stage.

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