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The Story of PX3D: It all started when Peter Klein founded Reproduktion Onnen & Klein in Hamburg in 1979. Things were very different back then, but the company still took, retouched and reproduced photographs. Reproduktion Onnen & Klein thrived, surviving the ravages of time despite changing technologies.
In 2007, the company was renamed and moved to new premises. Nowadays, PX2 is a top-end, high-flying post-production and pre-press studio located in the Pressehaus in Hamburg’s Domplatz.

The Munich branch was founded in 1997, and the team there is headed by Suse Rehm. In 2008, PX5 moved into attractive new offices on Rosenheimer Straße. Suse, the “pixel queen”, is a militant perfectionist – things are only sent out if they look amazing!

By 2000, Berlin-based PX1 had rocketed up to an impressive size – but that still wasn’t good enough! No pain, no gain – because there’s always room for improvement, and there’s no excuse for delivering anything half-baked. It’s all about delivering what the customer wants, sporty convertibles zipping through the streets of Berlin, and being close to the action …

Pictures from beginning to end: all it takes is an idea, a sketch, a mood – we think about ways to implement it, making suggestions and giving advice. We determine whether there’s existing material, whether we should photograph the image or parts of it, or whether something can be generated artificially using 3-D rendering software. After that, we produce a photomontage, retouch the image and adjust the colour balance. The image has to have a certain style about it that is appropriate for the statement that it is intended to make. Should it look bright and colourful, hard, cool and metallic, or gentle and natural? Are we looking for warm wood or harsh concrete, or something completely new and groundbreaking?

We do photography post-production, offering a consistent approach and a personal contact partner. Our post-production team are the modern equivalent of the photographer’s favourite lab technician. At the end of the process, everything is perfect and ready to print – with no nasty surprises! Or we can pack our equipment and come straight to the studio.

We want to be close to the action. We talk about concepts, then either continue doggedly until they’re completed or discard them and start again.

We’ve been working like this for more than 30 years now. People say: “They’re out of their minds. They’re odd somehow. Weird.” Are we really? Perhaps we are – and we’re proud of it!

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