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RGB production house

Numerous agencies and production houses (both Lithuanian and foreign) can vouch that RGB is a trustworthy company that works both quickly and cost-effectively.  Since 2000, when RGB opened its doors, the company hasn’t stopped looking for the most efficient and effective ways to make the clients desires come to life, working on making the impossible – possible.  We can find a hundred light-haired babies in a matter of a week, build an ice hotel in only two weeks, we work with the hardest to tame animals, put together a set in 24 hours and that is just a small part of the impossible things we’ve accomplished within time and resources.  Known directors have come to love our work because of our constructive and helpful point of view towards projects.  The RGB crew is constantly learning and is always looking for new creative solutions while striving for perfection in all areas.  In projects we always take the best and most effective ways to get things done.  If you need someone to quickly and cost-effectively bring your ideas to life – we can do it.

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