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This is no nutshell, but this is why I make images:

I am a dynamic individual; a photographer, a father, a furniture designer, a husband, a yoga nut, a devoted friend, a soccer coach, a little brother and lover of a warm brownie straight from the oven. I’m a momma’s boy and forever grateful that she gave me a Kodak X-15 camera at the age of eight to document a family trip.

I have crossed the frozen Baltic Sea in a snowmobile and have camped on the beaches of Mexico. Lived in Europe, got lost in Paris and made it through CU Boulder in four years. I have seen the Italian countryside in the spring, spent the holiday season snowed in at a cottage in Austria, aimlessly wandered the streets of London and marveled at the architecture in Barcelona.

I can spend countless days meandering through the rock formations of the American West. I drink white wine because red makes my head hurt. I eat spinach almost every day, love artichokes and a good pulled pork sandwich.

I am happiest pushing my girls on the swing set, spending a warm day at the beach, trotting through the mountains covered with fresh snow, or floating down that lazy river in a canoe. I love the sound and smell of an old British sports car and the sound of the Beatles’ “Penny Lane.” My collection of music is deep, but my thirst to enjoy life is deeper.

Having a camera in my hand makes me thoroughly happy. The creative energy of the studio and collaborative banter with studio parnter Brian Cummings, makes for unique and rewarding days.

If you have a few extra moments and would like to view my furniture design company, please go to;

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