New Member: Saurabh Dua


Saurabh Dua

The light comes and goes. What remain are expressions, gestures, postures, the play of light & shade and a profusion of colours – slivers of magic, caught in Saurabh Dua’s lenses. Not surprising, because he is not just a photographer by profession, but also a photographer by passion.

But magic without logic is ephemeral, just like the light. Logic is Saurabh’s unstinted professionalism. Fashion, advertising or product photography, Saurabh unfailingly strikes the right balance between the client’s requirements and his own artistic sensibility.

Saurabh has a state-of the-art studio, in the heart of Delhi with a client base all over the world. For foreign clients, he arranges and coordinates the entire shoot – right from models, stylist, locations and costumes to their stay when they visit India.

Today, the most prestigious advertising agencies, the best models and avant-gardé designers trust Saurabh to give them best results. And it shows in his mélange of superlative work.

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