New Member: Stan Musilek


Stan Musilek: born in Prague/makes dark room in mother’s pantry/photographs neighbour’s dog (relentlessly)/flees Czechoslovakia with family/becomes German/college in Heidelberg/studies mathematics/realises photography is sexier than math/assists/shoots naked girls/shoots jumbo jets/over assisting/becomes American/starves/parties/works ass off/wins NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship/side trip on motorcycle/NYC to tip of South America and back/opens studio in San Francisco/shoots first Apple iMac/shoots porcupines/shoots fashion/shoots still life/advertising/editorial/first to embrace digital post/wins awards/opens second studio in Paris/befriends art directors (especially those that like shooting in Paris)/kicks their ass in tennis/makes clients laugh/makes great work/phone keeps ringing/we keep picking it up.

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