New Member: Suzy Eaton


Suzy Eaton is a Salt Lake City-based stylist who works in many areas, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Arizona, Colorado and Idaho. She specialises in food styling, product styling and propping, as well as set decorating for photography and film projects.

Her background in art, colour and design brings a valuable added skill and creativity to her styling, ensuring success for every job. She works tirelessly to master her craft, studying photographic trends and working with a variety of associates on a multitude of different projects.

A love of variety and working with other professional ‘creatives’ draws Suzy to her work and ensures it remains fun and interesting. She styles and decorates for books, magazines, editorial, advertising, packaging, catalogues, commercials and large film projects.

She loves to create beautiful vignettes, their settings and all the important components that compliment them.

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