New Member: Zona 5 Agencia Fotográfica


Zona 5 has more than 20 years of experience in the Mexican photography industry and can produce a project from beginning to end with its dedicated team of production and post production professionals. The agency represents a broad range of talent, including:

  • Ricardo Trabulsi has shot almost every celebrity in México – and some international ones too! His great skill is in directing people, but he also loves to shoot cars.
  • Specialising in product and object photography, Mauricio Alejo is internationally renowned for his commercial work and personal exhibitions.
  • Gonzalo Morales has a very refined style and a great eye for fashion, musicians and people.
  • Zony Maya has a strong sense of proportion and aesthetic. He loves to shoot people and kids, architecture and landscapes.
  • David Franco has a very fine eye and conducts his own retouching.

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