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Contra Service Productions offers locations and complete production services anywhere in the world.

While they have been focusing mainly on print over the last years, CONTRA in China most recently started to work on a lot of video and TVC productions. That’s the reason why they established a Vimeo Channel:

Right now there are three different ventures: –People’s Car Project
This amazing project started its way more than two years ago. CONTRA supported the idea by helping out to produce several pitch videos. Together with weareflink from Hamburg they started to realize TVCs, Virals, Webisodes, Print ads and also assisted the Flubber cars to show up in the streets of Beijing.

In the 21 day production phase for the different TVCs, Virals and Print ads they traveled from Beijing to Shanghai and ChengDu – the days were long but fun, thanks to our truthful professional and dedicated American-Chinese-European crew!

They are proud that The People’s Car Project and the campaign have already been awarded and shortlisted in several festivals, including Spikes Asia (bronze and silver)!

In addition they produced several other campaigns in China and Hong Kong: for example the BMW 5series shoot in Hong Kong (several years old but still impressing), some Mini and BMW-projects in Beijing and most recently: a TVC for Swiss Credit Suisse with the German production company Bubbles in Hong Kong.

They also love to show their making of videos – have a look behind the scenes of DHL around the world and flying cars or Linde above the clouds shoot.

Volkswagen | People’s Car Project | TVC ‘Cute Girl’ from CONTRA Service Productions on Vimeo.

BMW | 5series Balance | TVC from CONTRA Service Productions on Vimeo.

MINI | R60 Countryman China Launch | Making Of from CONTRA Service Productions on Vimeo.

DHL | Print Shooting ‘Around The World’ | Making Of from CONTRA Service Productions on Vimeo.

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