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When students talk about going to school to study film or photography, it’s a common reaction to think that they are going to be spending most of their time in class or in the darkroom. For decades, film and photography schools have emphasized teaching the theory of each respective craft without necessarily giving students the practical experience they need to achieve their professional goals.

At the New York Film Academy’s campuses in NYC and Los Angeles, this traditional model of film and photography education is given a modern makeover. From their first day of class, film and photography students can expect to find themselves behind the camera, actively learning the day-to-day realities they will encounter on a professional film set or photo shoot in addition to the essential theory and history of film and photography. In short, students learn by doing through hands-on education taught by a faculty composed of working film and photography professionals.

Film School Overview

– For students enrolled in NYFA’s film school, in a single year they will write, direct, and edit eight original films while also working in different crew positions on up to twenty-eight of their fellow students’ film.

– The curriculum at NYFA emphasizes that aspiring filmmakers need to gain experience in every facet of a movie set, with students working in such roles as a gaffer, director of photography, and assistant cameraperson in order to shape well-rounded and skilled filmmakers.

Film Degrees and Workshops Offered

– Students can choose to gain an MFA, MA, BFA, or AFA filmmaking degree at the New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus or enroll in a conservatory program or short-term workshop at either our LA or NYC campus.

Photography School Overview

– Students go beyond simply learning how to be a competent photographer and actively develop their own aesthetic voice so that the images they shoot can instantly be recognized as their own.

– Students learn how to operate both film and digital cameras and understand such technical demands as shutter speed, composition, and aperture.

– NYFA’s faculty of award-winning professional photographers prepare students to face the realities of running their own business in a highly competitive field.

Photography Degrees and Workshops Offered

– MFA and BFA degree programs and short-term workshops are offered at NYFA’s LA campus while the NYC campus holds one- and two-year conservatory programs and short-term workshops.

New York Film Academy Overview

Since its founding in 1992, the New York Film Academy has grown into a global visual and performing arts institution with locations in NYC, LA, South Beach, Abu Dhabi, Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia, and much more. Students who choose to enroll at one of the New York Film Academy’s locations can expect a hands-on, immersive experience where they will live and breathe film and photography in an environment that will prepare them for a professional career.

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