Nina Klein: The secret of successfully running her own Stylists, Hair & Makeup Artists Agency


Since 1999 Nina Klein successfully runs her own Stylist, Hair & Makeup agency in Berlin and Amsterdam representing hair, makeup and stylist talents for catalogue productions, editorials and campaigns all over the world. Big brands and clients like Vogue, Swarovski or Harper’s Bazaar can be found in her agency’s portfolio. Besides that, Nina dedicates herself to her own projects like her Nina Klein Editorial, for which she was nominated for the Tokyo Design Award, or her work as a business coach.

Nina and her teams are also present in Cape Town as well as Los Angeles to take advantage of the booming hotspots overseas and can look back on several successful seasons. Thanks to the concept of pop-up offices Nina and her talents can work efficiently on-site and extend their portfolio of clients from year to year.

Nina Klein Portrait

Production Paradise: You and your team are present at several hotspots around the world, including Cape Town and Los Angeles. Did you dream of such success when you started your agency?

Nina Klein: I was always confident that it would develop into something bigger and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to realize my dreams so far! It’s awesome!

Hair + Make Up: Benjamin Becher   Photographer: Daniella Midenge c/o Schierke

Production Paradise: When and how did you discover your passion for art and fashion?

Nina Klein: It began about 20 years ago when I started working as the managing director of a school for makeup artists and hairstylists in Cologne, which also had a gallery and a little agency. I knew right away that I really liked this type of business and felt it was an area where I could realize all my talents and interests.

SL Banner Stylists

Production Paradise: Besides your agency projects you publish your own Editorial. How did the idea for it come up?

Nina Klein: After 10 years of creating an annual setcard mailing for my artists, I felt it was time to represent the work, look and image of the agency with something new. I like the idea of dedicating each issue to a different person in our field to honor his/her work and to collaborate in a different way together.

nina klein editorial

Production Paradise: What would you say is the biggest challenge of running one’s own agency?

Nina Klein: I think the biggest challenge for anyone who’s self-employed is to keep your bigger vision fresh and to realize it in your own way, and not just by following the others. It’s also important to stay curious about all the new changes.

Production Paradise: What skills and characteristics are needed to become a member of your agency?

Nina Klein: For me it’s always important that my artists share our agency’s values and that they are always striving to keep on growing.

nina klein logo new

Production Paradise: In 2012 you started working as a business coach especially for women. What inspired you to go into this area?

Nina Klein: My first aim in getting involved in coaching and training was to develop myself further and of course to put to use all of the knowledge I’ve gained from my company. After awhile, other women in business asked me to coach them as well and I realized that I really like to encourage other women to be fulfilled and successful in their businesses.

Hair: Esther van Maanen   Make Up: Nadine Thoma   Styling: Jana Sommet
Photographer: Florian Sommet c/o Kleinphotographen

Production Paradise: Your agency has worked for many big magazines and brands such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Swarovski. Is there any other Brand that you would like to have in your portfolio?

Nina Klein: I think the challenge is not only to get more and bigger names but also to cultivate steady and long-term working relationships with the ones you’ve already developed.

Hair + Make Up: Esther van Maanen   Styling: Pedro Dias
Photographer: Fritz Kok
Magazine: Madame

Production Paradise: What’s your benefit of being a Production Paradise member?

Nina Klein: I like Production Paradise’s international network and reputation.

We would like to thank Nina Klein for her time and taking part in our Blog Interview. More of her and her agency can be found on Production Paradise and her website.

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