Nir Adar gives insights into food styling and culinary direction


Culinary Director and Food Stylist Nir Adar combines his culinary expertise and his passion for art in his work. Clients such as Haagen-Dazs, Burger King, Applebee’s, Smirnoff, Werther’s and more don’t just value Nir’s skills to style food, but also his expertise during the whole creative process of photographing tabletop shoots.

We got the chance to speak with Nir and to get to know more about his work and the art of food styling.


Production Paradise: Your food styling is truly mouth watering. What’s your creative process when you receive a brief?

Nir: As a chef and a foodie I breakdown the shots and recipe to step by step and try to identify where is the “magic moment”. The best and the most appetizing stage of the recipe, most directors are not familiar with food and or prep sequence, I help them identify the best in every dish.


Production Paradise: How important is the relationship between you and the photographer or director?

Nir: Second to none, most of the people I work with are long time relations; the key to a collaborative success is to remove egos from the formula. As a team we are all here to get the best for our client, If we all put our mind and heart behind the product and creative we will get the most amazing result.

Production Paradise: You previously worked as chef and culinary consultant, how did you get into food styling and how does your classic culinary training influence your work?

Nir: I was introduced to food styling by a friend, I had no idea this field existed. Once I realized that I could bring my art background, problem solving and culinary skills all under one roof, I was taken. Never looked back into my kitchen. Most food stylist out there never worked in restaurants and came to this profession for different reasons; I think that a culinary background is a key to an appetizing shot. I add salt and pepper into every dish; I truly believe that what tastes good looks good (1)
Production Paradise: What’s the most fun type of food to work with?

Nir: The challenging type.

Production Paradise: What was the most complex and difficult project you worked on?

Nir: Many, Eiffel tower from ice cream, Boston pizza TV shoot in Cape Town, any ice cream…

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Production Paradise: How often are substitutes made for real food ingredients, to enhance the look of the food and what would be an example?

Nir: In the US we can’t substitute any food, not even ice cream. It’s all real all the time. I love it!

Production Paradise: What are the newest trends in the food styling world?

Nir: I don’t think there are food styling trends. You can talk about photographic styles. For me appetite could not be a trend, it either makes you want to eat it or makes you walks away.

Production Paradise: How has Production Paradise helped you to gain work and exposure?

Nir: The world is small, our industry is small and I like to travel the world. PP brought me to the front of the international stage.


Production Paradise: Which campaign are you most proud of and why?

Nir: Wisconsin cheese board, TGI Friday’s TV, the first require my artistic vision and sculpting skills. TGIF require me to be true to my cooking background and produce amazing looking food.

We’d like to thank Nir Adar for taking time to speak with us and giving us an insight into Food Styling. You can see more of his work on his website and on Production Paradise.

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