‘Paradise’ as defined by #ShootMeToParadise Instagram contest winner Film Location Montenegro


As English romantic poet Lord Bryon famously said, “At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast”. This is a testament to Montenegro’s remarkable beauty – a country of surreal islands, untouched bays, pristine beaches and inimitable towns. Located in Southeast Europe, this exotic location paradise could be your next photo and film shoot destination! How to venture into this hidden gem? We have the pleasure to introduce you to Film Location Montenegro, our #ShootMeToParadise Instagram contest winner and your prime source for location scouting and production in Montenegro. Read the interview to know more about this undiscovered destination, what it has to offer and how Film Location Montenegro’s passion and experience will make sure you get the best of it!

Production Paradise: Hello Film Locations Montenegro! Congratulations on winning our #ShootMeToParadise contest! How do you feel about being the winner?

Film Locations Montenegro: It’s a great honour to win this contest. Being a production company, many of our feature films won prizes in festivals, so deep within ourselves, we expected to be at least in the first three, if not winners 😊

Winning shot of ‘#ShootMeToParadise’ contest (April 2019) by Film Location Montenegro selected by popular vote on Instagram.

Production Paradise: What inspired you to participate in #ShootMeToParadise? Tell us more about the winning image: the idea behind your ‘paradise’ and how it was photographed?

Film Locations Montenegro: We are pretty confident that our country, Montenegro, is some kind of paradise and wanted to prove that we can compete with other ‘paradises’. The winning photo was shot while filming a music video for one of the biggest music stars in the Balkans. We were filming in a freshly developed luxury location on Montenegrin coast – so it was not too difficult as everywhere you look, there are amazing views!

Production Paradise: What’s the story behind Film Location Montenegro? How is it connected with ARTIKULACIJA FILM?

Film Locations Montenegro: Film Locations Montenegro is a project of ARTIKULACIJA FILM with the intention to bring more movie/commercial/photo productions here. As the first production company providing full production services in Montenegro (since 2001), we think that promoting our country as a unique filming location will create a win-win situation for both, our country and our company. Recently announced tax returns for filming will also help to put Montenegro on big productions wish list.

Production Paradise: Why is Montenegro a unique shooting location? When is the best time to shoot in Montenegro?

Film Locations Montenegro: The best description would be: ‘Great diversity in a small package!’

With less than 150 km between border to border, you can find endless sandy beaches, medieval cities, breathtaking mountain peaks. You name it, we have it: Scottish Highlands, Island landscapes, Alpine passes, Oceans, Beaches, Swiss roads, Canadian forests, Italian squares…and if you add cultural diversity with western, eastern and oriental influences, we are pretty sure that most demanding productions can be done here. Bearing in mind that many parts of Montenegro have over 250 sunny days in the year, there is no specific shooting season.

The beauty of Montenegro

Production Paradise: We would like to know more about some productions that took place in Montenegro. Which one was the most memorable one for your company?

Film Locations Montenegro: We would like to mention a few big productions that we did by ourselves and together with our partners from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia. This includes a recently launched action movie named “Golden job” and several commercials for BMW, Jeep, Toyota, US Diamonds,,, photo shoots for Bentley and Speed, and production services for BBC, Samsung, Lonely Planet. Being petrol heads, our most memorable experience was filming an action-packed Top Gear episode.

Production Paradise: What do you think is necessary to be a successful location scout company?

Film Locations Montenegro: There are a few essential ingredients: Knowing your country very well, experience, good connections with authorities and local people, a strong network of trusted partners and of course, logistics.

Production Paradise: How do you promote your work and what do you think of Production Paradise in regard to self-promotion for creatives?

Film Locations Montenegro: Being 18 years in business, most of our work comes from recommendations of people who already worked with us. Recently we started to promote our services through social media… We are big fans of Production Paradise and often check how we can compare ourselves to the other professionals presented by Production Paradise.

Our plan is, when we finish our new website with 360 VR locations, to join the Production Paradise family and offer our services worldwide.

Production Paradise: What are Film Locations Montenegro short-term plan and long-term goals?

Film Locations Montenegro: Our short-term plan is to present all possibilities that Montenegro can offer to professionals, production companies and filmmakers. From locations, production services, to government incentives and tax returns.

The long-term goal will be bringing the world’s best movie/commercial productions to Montenegro.

Production Paradise: We believe you are not resting on your laurels – what are you working on now?

Film Locations Montenegro: Currently, we are filming all our locations in 360 so we can give a better insight into everything that we can offer to potential clients. We strongly believe that the future is in VR and presenting locations in this way can quicken decision-making and cut costs for location scouts.

Production Paradise: What’s the quickest way to get in touch with you?

Film Locations Montenegro: E-mail, phone (WhatsApp/Viber), social media (Facebook/Instagram), either way, you choose to contact us, you can expect a quick answer with a handful of information and friendly advice. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your next project!

Production Paradise would like to thank Ivan from Film Locations Montenegro for the interview and wish them the best in bringing Montenegro to the world. We encourage you to consider Montenegro as a shoot destination and get in touch directly with Film Location Montenegro for all your location scouting and production needs!

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Photo by Film Location Montenegro

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