Production Paradise launches the Photo & Film Location Finder!


If you are a marketing manager, a location scout, a professional filmmaker or a passionate advertising photographer looking for a shooting location or a rental studio, don’t waste more time! We have the perfect location for your next shoot.

five corners - location finder

Five Corners, Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to Production Paradise’s brand new Location Finder, you will have the world’s top studios and locations at your fingertips! We make it easy to find perfect locations for your photo and film campaigns, shootings or visual productions – no matter what kind of type of locations you are interested in.

andy fiord productions - location finder

Andy Fiord Production, St. Petersburg

crocodile factory- location finder

Crocodile Factory, Mexico

There’s nothing easier: you just have to click on the locations of your interest and send requests directly to the companies who provide them. You can find photo shoot location for your next editorial shoot, film shoot location for your upcoming commercial  production, special photo studios for rental and much more.

saad films-location finder

Saad Films, Morocco

Our portfolio provides a wide range of locations around the world to satisfy any kind of project. From a rental studio in San Diego, luxury hotels in Morocco and lofts in New York to stunning landscapes such as rainforests in Brazil, glaciers in Reykjavik and beautiful sand beaches in The Caribbean, our Location Finder allows you to stumble over the shooting location you were hoping to find.

queen of spade location finder

Queen of Spade, Athens

camera studio - location finder

Camera-Studio, Madrid

With a directory of high-quality contacts in the fields of post production, equipment rental, hair and make up artists and stylists or even casting and model agencies, we make it easy to find the assistance you need to realize what you already see in your mind’s eye.

fourizona - location finder

Fuorizona, Milan

south coast uk - location finder pp

South Coast UK, London

You can also find the latest locations on our Location Finder Instagram account.

And if you are the lucky owner of an exclusive apartment, a charming hotel, a studio or you have a portfolio of great locations anywhere in the world, do not miss the opportunity to be found. Offer your location on Production Paradise now. For more information on listing your locations please email

Happy location browsing!

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