Hear how Mexico-based production company deals with clients expectations and accepts the challenges


Raul Chapa, director of the first class production service company ‘Green is Good’, specialised in the Mexican and Central American area, welcomes clients from around the world, mainly from the US but also from Europe, and provides them with the best locations, talents and services.

In this video interview, Raul tells us more about facing the most difficult challenge in this business. Find out what the key skills to work in this industry are, and how to meet the all-time-changing expectations of the clients – not always an easy job! Raul puts all his effort into dealing with the preconceptions that clients have before starting a new project, and moulding them into reality.

“All the time when I am searching for a specific talent or service, Production Paradise is so productive for me. So it also has to be productive for my peers; therefore I want to advertise with them!” – Raul Chapa

Raul Chapa discovered Production Paradise during a project in San Francisco, and shortly after that found it very useful while producing in Rio de Janeiro.

“Anytime I go outside of Mexico (even when working in Mexico!) I would immediately open Production Paradise and start looking for the needs that I have.” – Raul Chapa

We are really thankful that Raul took the time to gave us some insights on his work. You can see Green is Good’s work on their website, and in our Photo Production Spotlight Magazine.

If you want to show off your latest work to the industry in the next edition of Production Paradise’s Spotlight or Showcase Magazines, contact us at or


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