Reaching Art Buyers: Do’s and Don’ts


We have had a great time reading the latest Photoshelter Guide and decided to share some key highlights that could be useful if you are a photographer looking for the right clients.

The good news is that, according to the survey results, photography budget trends are mainly the same or increasing.

56.6 %  confirmed that their photography budget has stayed the same
21.9 %  have said that their photography budget is increasing
21.6 %  confessed to a decrease of their budget

So what is the best way to reach your potential clients?

Many buyers agree that the best way is to send a well-executed email or promotional piece targeted at a specific client.

Other buyers turn to Google in search of new talents, so it is extremely important to have your portfolio easily available in search engine results.

However,  you need to be aware of some Top Mistakes that photographers make when trying to connect to photo buyers:

– negative website experience
– being too aggressive and persistent in trying to contact a buyer
– irrelevant work sent to a buyer as a result of sending to masses
– too many images in the email

Luckily, buyers also shared things that they liked about photographers’ web pages and mailing campaigns. Try using their tips!

Email Marketing Tips

– Use one or several striking images with minimal text to grab attention
– Be a creative marketer: your mail should be up to par, otherwise you will not be trusted
– Be relevant
– Be attentive to detail: make sure that there are no typos and your photos match the text and typography.
– Embed your photos, busy buyers don’t have time to open attachments

What makes a great website?

– Simple, fast and easy to navigate
– No Flash and no music
– Easy access to image archive
– Large, clear images, organized by clear, straightforward categories
– ‘Personal Work’ and ‘New Work’ sections
– A description of who you are and what you do
– Contact area with clear instructions
– Client list and testimonials

Production Paradise has studied both the weak and strong points of how photographers present themselves and for many years has provided a top quality service for creative people by connecting them with potential clients. Production Paradise offers:

1. An international directory with a clean intuitive design
2. Showcasing of creatives’ portfolios in an elegant way, with large pictures
3. Excellent copy-writing
4. Putting creatives’ websites higher in search results with our SEO engines
5. Consistent mailing of portfolios and showcases to a specifically targeted audience

A bit of the right guidance can help you to eliminate all the obstacles on your way to your future clients and eventual success. Choose your path wisely.


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