Redorfe shares some of the insides of being a Photo Agency


Production Paradise got the chance to interview Serene; the person who is behind the renowned Photo Agency Redorfe. The success of this company lies behind Serene´s skills that she got over the years and from her history of managing and producing television, but also printing campains internationally.

Credit: George Logan – Photographer

Production Paradise: What’s the story behind your agency’s name “Redorfe”, and its significance?

Redorfe: It never really crossed my mind actually. I was looking at the fishes near my parents´place and the kois floating abundantly seem to be a good fit. So why not Redorfe? I loved watching fishes as a child as they always put me in a calming mood. Furthermore, they are also very auspicious which is significant in any business in my opinion. Thus, I decided to name my company Redorfe.

Credit: Fernando Milani – Photographer

Production Paradise: You have a reputation for being extremely reliable, efficient and a resourceful creative partner, how did you build this reputation in such a very competitive industry?

Redorfe: I think the competitive nature of this industry is exactly the thing drives me to consistently give the client everything they need. You always need an edge, and I realized early on in my career that being a producer that can be counted on is a natural way to have that edge. Plus, I am at my core a steadfast problem solver, so reliability comes naturally.


Production Paradise: Your roster of talent is diverse and you have worked throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America; what are the challenges with cultural differences in these different markets?

Redorfe: We all speak the same language in this industry they just come in different forms so its about patience, listening and showing respect to others as they may not be exposed to our ways of working. It is about taking the time to explain and never be unreasonable just because we are in the position to do so. Always do your best to be fair.

Production Paradise: What are some of your artists’ most impressive campaigns from recent months?

Redorfe: SELECTED China, featuring celebrity model David Gandy, shot by Photographer Director, Tomo Brejc and DOP, Franklin Guerrero

 ZA SS2015 Asia Pacific, shot by Photographer, Donald Chiu


SKII Worldwide shot by Special Guest Photographer, Satoshi Saikusa


Clear Shampoo Japan shot by Photographer, Erez Sabag


Production Paradise: Do you have any advice for photographers and directors that are looking for a professional representation?

Redorfe: Your email introduction has to be visually informative. Introduction email with a link won’t get our attention. E.g try sending an Edm (Electronic Direct Mailer) introduction so we can see your work right away when we open up your email. I won´t open a link or an attachment not knowing where the source may come from .

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Redorfe: Production paradise has helped my company to grow internationally and reach a far wider audience than I could hope to achieve on my own. Word of mouth and reputation are of course invaluable, but everyone needs that one tool at their disposal to get people talking in the first place.

Credits : SK-II FTE content film by Director/DP, Franklin Guerrero

We would like to thank the Photo Agency Redorfe for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their artists´work on Production Paradise and their website. Also, you can find other Singapore-based Photo Agents and Los Angeles- based Photo agents in our Directory.

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