Scam alert! Watch out for fake request coming from art director claiming to work at


Recently some of our members have been receiving an email from a person claiming to be an editor at, stating that they were found through Production Paradise and they would like to offer photographers work.

Please do not trust this message as it is a scam, set up in order to convince you to transfer money to Alice James (alicejames483@gmail) from AJ Talent Agency, which does not exist.

Furthermore, the scam is using the name of a real person but not their real email address.

This cash checking scheme will offer to send the photographer a cheque to cover 30% of the photographer’s payment as well as funds to pay the talent agency. In return you will be asked deposit the cheque and send the remaining funds to the talent agency.

The cheque may seem real, but is fake and will be rejected by the bank.

There have been similar cases reported sent through different people, therefore in order to ensure the legitimacy of these messages pay close attention to the email addresses. Most established companies will not use a personal gmail account for business matters.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are trying to do everything we can at Production Paradise to ensure everyone is warned and aware of this scheme.


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