Shooting in Cuba with Roka Films


Roka Films is a Swedish-Cuban production company founded by Rodney Silva and Kalet Polo in 2014, their objective is to satisfy the existing demand for independent audiovisual production in Cuba as well as supporting the international companies interested in shooting in the island.

Roka Films and Cuba in fact have a lot to offer! In Cuba you will always have the nice sunny weather and the beautiful beaches from the country, you will also get the unique feeling of having traveled back in time 60 years, as there are many cars and buildings which reflect an era that no longer exists in other parts of the world… But the best with filming in Cuba is the cost of your production – It will be a third of what it would normally cost you!


Roka Films‘ equipment is the best quality, same as its team of professionals. They are used to working hard in order to deliver highly professional results. “We will take care of you all the way, from pre-production till post-production and editing, or whenever throughout the production process when you need our services.”   Lately, Roka Films have worked on two different projects; A short horror film called “Sangre” (Blood), which is in the post production phase, and Bateria, a documentary about a “secret spot” in Cuba where homosexuals can find shelter and be themselves. This is also in the final stage of postproduction and will soon be ready.


Most recent project is called “El Museo Rodante” (The Rolling Museum) and it is a documentary about the beautiful old American cars in Cuba, the symbol of the country. The goal was to show the world why these cars are still very much in use in Cuba, how this it possible in the 21st century.”We are asking a very interesting question; With all the changes happening right now in Cuba and those yet to come, are these cars going to disappear?




Roka Films is there to offer you full support from A to Z including actors, commercial production, video production, camera, accessories cinema , editing, location and scouts, documentary production and many more! To find out more visit their website or Production Paradise. You can also find more Latin America-based production companies in our Latin America Directory.

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