Smoke & Mirrors: An insight into their personal post production procedure


Smoke & Mirrors built up their reputation as an innovative and creative full service post production company in the advertising, music and film industries. Their work is recognized globally and rewarded by numerous awards. They have offices in London, New York and Shanghai with a huge range of top professionals for any step of the post production process. We had the chance to talk to Smoke & Mirrors about their international work and presence, their personal post production procedure and the advantages of having a huge network of professionals.

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Production Paradise: You’re located in London, New York and Shanghai and are working for clients from all over the world; how do you treat the different post production processes in these locations?

Smoke & Mirrors: Each brief that we receive (regardless of location) is treated with the same dedication and creativity. The varied skillset from each of our talented artists, means that we can draw on many expertise to help produce a fantastic finished piece, regardless of the market.

Production Paradise: Could you show us a visual sample of one of your latest projects and tell us a bit about it?

Smoke & Mirrors: Smoke & Mirrors wanted to create a piece of work to showcase our talents across our 3 disciplines; photography, retouching & cgi. We worked closely with a dear friend of the company, Ray Howard, who art directed and came up with the concept for this piece. Bringing together Ray’s imagination with our expertise and knowledge, we crafted our final piece to really emphasize the skill sets we bring to the table and the boundaries in which we as a company continually push. We always strive for a polished final execution, whether this be commissioned work internally or via one of our many clients.

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Production Paradise: What process yields the best results for Smoke & Mirrors?

Smoke & Mirrors:  Being involved from the offset, allowing us to foresee any hurdles and to plan accordingly going forward. We have built strong relationships with many photographers and agencies over the years, meaning they often come to us to share thoughts and ideas, so we can collaborate and create the best result.


Production Paradise: How do you keep up with client demands for challenging briefs?

Smoke & Mirrors: We are always looking at new technology, software and hardware, to keep us at the front of our game. Our team trial new software packages to see how best it would fit within our infrastructure, and if we feel it would benefit our clients and their briefs.

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Production Paradise: What is the first thing to consider when starting the post production process?

Smoke & Mirrors: Timings, and then for what media it is being used for.

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Production Paradise: What do you find most useful about your Production Paradise membership?

Smoke & Mirrors: That our showcases and magazines are being directly viewed on the screens of clients, art buyers and photographer’s – straight to the heart of who we want to engage with.

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We would like to thank Smoke & Mirrors for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their work on Production Paradise or their website.

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