Solving the painful photographers’ problem with a TriLens™ by Frii Designs


One of the main sponsors for the Spotlight Awards for Photographic ExcellenceSwedish company Frii Designs was founded by brothers Jonas Lundin, a photographer and mechanical engineer specialised in industrial design and Hampus Lundin, a biomedical engineer with a passion for automation and production. Frii Designs invented the TriLens™,  a great solution for photographers who want to use several different lenses when they are out in the field. The video Frii Design created to promote their first product, TriLens, got 30 million views without even spending a dollar on marketing. Watch it below:

We interviewed one of the founders of the company Jonas Lundin to find out more about Frii Designs, TriLens and the typical problems they can help photographers with.

Production Paradise: Frii Designs is a photographer-oriented start-up company that has been recently launched. Could you share a bit about yourselves and where does the idea of the company come from?

Jonas: The reason why Frii Designs exists is that I had been working as a photographer alongside my studies as an Industrial Design Engineer. As a designer, I’m always analysing workflows to find problems and I found that there are a lot of improvements to be done for photographers. There was one problem that I was particularly frustrated about – carrying and changing lenses. After I had the first working prototype my brother joined the company. He’s a very talented engineer and we have spent most of our childhood together in our parents’ garage building stuff. Needless to say, we have a great sense of co-operation and similar values on what makes a great product.

Jonas Lundin, the founder of Frii Designs holding the TriLens

Production Paradise: Your company had a flying start on Kickstarter with your TriLens product which was 100% funded in 1 day. This can only mean that many people believed in your product and there was a strong need for it. What’s the story behind such a successful product?

Jonas: We attribute a lot of the success to the fact the product is rather self-explanatory. Even if you’re not a photographer most people can understand what the product does and what problem it solves. We had a small team, but with the right competencies. Not only was I a part of our own customer group but I had been working with ad agencies in the past, so I knew exactly what content we needed to produce to have a significant impact. We didn’t spend a dollar on marketing before the launch, but we got over 30 million views on our Facebook videos, so we managed to gather a lot of interest before opening the campaign.

Production Paradise: When should the TriLens be used and who is it for?

Jonas: The TriLens is for people who want to use several different lenses when they are out in the field. Most of us have a bunch of lenses but I found that changing lenses when you’re in the heat of the moment is too stressful. The main reason I’m using the TriLens on my shoots is that it gives me a unique edge compared to other photographers. Just imagine being able to shoot entire day with only primes!

Production Paradise: One of your mottos is “Solving the painful problems”. Could you share with us what are the most painful problems of photographers?

Jonas: There are heaps! Our main goal is to reduce the clutter between your idea and the results you’re producing. Camera manufacturers are making very impressive technical advancements, but we have found that improvements of the actual workflow are lagging.


Production Paradise: Are you currently working on new products that photographers should look out for?

Jonas: Yes we are! We have a number of exiting products that really will make life easier for photographers. We can’t share any specific details about the products right now but we’re hoping to release the first one at the beginning of 2019. It’s one of those ideas we’re surprised that no one has thought about before.

Production Paradise: What would you like to say to photographers who still have not used your product?

Jonas: For me, it has opened a whole new way of thinking. I’m doing hundreds of lens-changes a day now because I can afford experiment more. It may not be for everyone but if you feel like pushing your creativity there’s no better tool!

As Frii Designs is one of the main sponsors for our Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence each category winner will receive a TriLens alongside tons of other prizes from our other sponsors.

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