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Recognizing that the success of a creative or a photographer’s career cannot be reduced to talent alone (as talented as one can be), Production Paradise decided to partner with Andrea Porcelli (Founder of COLOR YOUR BRAND & the creator of CYB Coaching Creatives Program) so she could bring her expertise and her coaching program to help photographers and other creatives to develop their personal brand, vision, mission and values while creating a workable plan to grow as a top professional.

Both aimed at starter and experienced creatives, this unique coaching program has been specifically designed to help you achieve your full potential.


Andrea Porcelli has 20+ years of experience as a creative producer in the photography & audio-visual sector for advertising and has worked in multiple countries, for different brands and clients. She also studied coaching and counselling which gave her the last tools she needed to create the perfect coaching program dedicated to photographers and creatives.

Andrea Porcelli, Photographed by Manon van der Zwaal

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the coaching include Personal Branding, Portfolio Review, Brainstorming ideas, Marketing & Social Media Strategy as well as Acquisition & Pricing. The goal is to define your content and segment your market according to your vision and your goals while giving you a direction to take for your future work and project choices. At the end of each session, you will receive materials containing practical exercises and tips so you can apply what you have learned.

As everyone’s digital experience varies greatly, The CYB Coaching program is divided into three distinct packages. Starting from a single session for those looking for a quick advice to more in-depth coaching with 6 or 12 sessions.


“Andrea showed herself valuable in every session we had, not only she shared her insight and raised discussions but also pointed out solutions on to how to improve exposure in this market. It was great how the process made me reflect on my work – it allowed me to better understand and use my strengths.“
Christian Gaul – Photographer

“During every session, Andrea shared her deep insight knowledge that she has learned over the years in the industry. She gave me very simple tools to find the basic core of what I’m doing, where I want to go and what has been missing. She was able to clear all that unimportant noise that was in my way, consuming and wasting to much of my time. Her approach to solving problems and find the right solutions is in a very simple straightforward practice paired with a great infectious positive energy that will switch your way of thinking. 

As a photographer, I can highly recommend her expertise to coach you – in case you are stuck with your work, creative and whatever might be the problem”
Marcus Koppen – Photographer

Are you ready to reach your full potential? Then don’t wait and contact us now to find out more about the coaching program and the options available to you.

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