The 5 Best Kids Fashion Campaigns


Over the past few years, many big fashion houses have presented children wearing their collections with inspiring and adorable advertising campaigns. As you would expect, each campaign features impressive kids photography, with great locations and playful outfits, which might make you dream about being a child again but in a lush and extravagant world. Here’s a list of our top 5 best campaigns from the last few years.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G4Photographer: Domenico Dolce

“As   a   typical   big   Italian   family”  – Dolce & Gabbana SS14 Children’s Campaign is one of our favourite campaigns for kids fashion. We love how it combines the mess of a big family with the dolce vita feeling. Who wouldn’t want to be as glamourous while taking care of their kids?

Stella McCartney

stella1sizePhotographer: Mikolai Berg

Stella McCartney, as a mother, knows what kids like. To be pirates, for example. The SS13 Campaign focuses on the fact that kids don’t need a lot of requisites to create whole new worlds; exactly the reason we like this campaign.

kids banner good one

Young Versace

ver12youngPhotographer: Henrique Gendre 

This campaign radiates so much energy and fun that it is hard not to like it. Young Versace SS14  is a great campaign because of its bright yellow background and in particular, the lively models. It looks like they are genuinely having fun and that’s the type of campaign we enjoy.

Hunter Kids

Hunterkidsmikolaibergss142Photographer: Mikolai Berg

A sense of adventure is captured in this Hunter Kids campaign SS14, shot in Kew Gardens. The mixture of tropical flora and urban location makes us think that we might also need Hunter wellies to explore our surroundings, just like kids do.

Dior Kids


Photographer: Karel Balas | Production Company: Mestiere Cinema

Dior Baby 2014/15 is set in The Palazzo in Venice and with its carnival theme it creates a dream-like atmosphere, which we adore. In contrast to the other campaigns the children look like small versions of their (well dressed) parents and just so adorable!

Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favourites from the past few years!

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