The attitude that has made Red Creek one of the reference production companies in the Americas


Meet Red Creek Productions, a company that has earned its place as one of the top photo production companies in the Americas. With 17 years of experience and operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Mexico and New York City, Red Creek not only represents some of the best shooters in the region, but is also the choice of the likes of Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, Peggy Sirota and Elaine Constantine.

Location:  Argentina

Production Paradise: You are working with the best professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA – to name just a few. How were you able to build recognition and trust in such a huge territory?

Red Creek Productions: The most important aspect of building relationships with top talent and partners is realising that each of them is more important than any single job, that half of what we can do together is much more than any of us can do alone. Staying power, transparency, hard work and making the most of every opportunity.

Location:  Argentina

Location:  Chile

Production Paradise: What are the biggest advantages of shooting in Latin America? Why is it so attractive to your clients?

Red Creek Productions: The sheer variety of resources, from talent to locations, from prices to crew. You can soar to the highest highs or go gung-ho guerrilla style, there is room for everything.

Location:  Costa Rica

Location:  Mexico

Production Paradise: Recently you’ve been working with well-known clients such as Nike, Zara, Lipton… What is the most challenging aspect of working with the big brands?

Red Creek Productions: The mix of short lead times and the highest expectations. Having little time is no excuse for a less than perfect execution. There is no room for mediocrity. They are pros and expect everyone else to be on par.

Client:  Lipton feat. Hugh Jackman

Production Paradise: You have also provided production services for feature films, like Paddington 2. How does the feature film production differ from the commercial one?

Red Creek Productions: Having no client on set makes all the difference, the dynamics change and it becomes much more of a communal effort, it goes from delivering precisely what a clients needs (many times after having tested and researched each shot) to just a bunch of filmmakers pulling along together.

Production Paradise: What was the most inspiring project you took part in? What made it so special?

Red Creek Productions: Paddington 2, the quality of the team and the conditions of the shoot made it memorable, we were struggling with the elements, the weather, the biggest waterfalls on the planet and some of the latest technology; knowing we were responsible for one of the most beloved characters for millions of children around the world.

Production Paradise: What are your plans for the nearest future? Is there a client you’d really like to work with?

Red Creek Productions: We are developing fiction and documentary projects with the big players (Netflix, Amazon, Youtube) but we cannot talk about them yet.

As for advertising clients, we have worked with the best brands and don’t really have many left in the to-do list, maybe Space X.

Production Paradise: How is Production Paradise helping you in the promotion of your work?

Red Creek Productions: By providing visibility on the SEO space and placing us in front of customers at the right time.

We would like to thank Red Creek Productions for taking the time to share some of their experiences with us! If you want to see more of their work, visit their Member’s portfolio or their website. If you wish to become a Production Paradise Member, click here for more details.

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