The Captivating Production Value of the South of France With Reggliss Production


Reggliss has been one of the main references for photo and film productions in the south of France since 1990. Thanks to their vast experience, Gilles Housinger and his team are closely involved in finding the most accurate solutions to deliver real and concrete success for every project. The offices in Nice and Marseille are ideally and strategically located to comfortably work all across the south of France and abroad. We had the pleasure to talk to Gilles to learn more about what makes the south of France such a prime production location.

Production Paradise: Reggliss has been in the production services industry for almost 30 years! Please tell us the inspiration and story behind your production company.

Reggliss Production: I was running a surf shop in Nice. There were often prop stylists who came for surfboards or skis for shootings. I decided to get into the production world, first as an assistant on shootings. Then I founded REGGLISS, and I left the windsurf retail business. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, but I just thought… Let’s do this.

Production Paradise: Reggliss is based in the south of France. What makes France, more specifically the south, such a beloved region for location scouting?

Reggliss Production: Because of the variety of the region, of course! We are ideally placed. First, the sea runs along the French and Italian Riviera, with a multitude of beaches, creeks, rocks… But there are so many villages, the back-country is just so beautiful and so charming for shooting locations. The Côte d’Azur offers a large panel of exceptional and historical villas. And, do not forget the Alps: a 45 minutes drive offers you snowy mountains and ski resorts. Italy is just 30 minutes away and offers other landscapes and architectural spots. Finally, we have a studio in Marseille, the 2nd biggest French city, which is currently in a process of renewal, but offers an interesting playground.

Production Paradise: From your sizable portfolio, which is your personal favorite location?

Reggliss Production: I might say St Tropez, because of its historical town, villas and magical beaches. But I’d probably choose the mountains… Something like a glacier in the Alps, or contemporary architecture, 3000 meters high… It’s like my previous response, the south of France has so much to offer, I can’t make up my mind.

Production Paradise: As a production services company, Reggliss offers more than just location scouting. Can you tell us some of the most demanded services from your recent clients?

Reggliss Production: We propose every service necessary for a production, and much more. From location scouting to services on the shootings and productions, to the post-production. But what makes a happy and loyal client, is for sure the reliability and the details (green engagement, nice people to work with…).


Production Paradise: Reggliss has a remarkable list of clients with names like Armani, Carrefour, Lacoste, Hermes, and many more. What would you consider to be the most important quality to attract and retain such big brands?

Reggliss Production: First and foremost: the guarantee of a job well-done and the overtaking of their expectations. These clients work with big production companies with years of experience.

Production Paradise: Can you tell us about some of the recent projects you’ve been working on?

Reggliss Production: Oh, I think we can talk about a large variety of productions… Recently, we made an amazing commercial for Burberry, in the Alps, and another crazy commercial for Philipp Plein perfume. But we also just finished a nearly two months production for Leroy Merlin, and an advert for Honda.

We are able to do high luxury brand or everyday items productions. The main idea is to produce exceptional visual content, experiences, with pleasure, creativity, reactivity and dynamism.

Production Paradise: Photo and film production have made huge evolvement since Reggliss entered the industry in 1990. How have the standards shifted for production companies and the services they provide now versus 30 years ago?

Reggliss Production:  What is the biggest evolvement? For sure, the deadlines!

We now are in an era where everything has to be quick, faster and faster, but always better. The challenge is to produce better, quicker, cheaper, and with experience. My clients don’t just have their needs, they have more.

How it happens is that we are contacted 15 days before the shoot. Our clients know us as a company that is able to be reactive, we are able to do what they what, everything is possible, creativity doesn’t have borders. But I have to say that being here for the past 30 years has helped us to understand more, we have seen the client’s needs evolve.


Production Paradise: What’s the achievement/project you’re most proud of?

Reggliss Production: Probably the craziness of one of the perfume films we made, or a campaign in High mountain for Ralph Lauren… But what makes us happy and proud is the feedback of our clients about our teams’ involvement in the realization of a project, or the fact that they want to continue working with us.

Production Paradise: What’s next in store for Reggliss?

Reggliss Production: I guess that is the tricky question, right? We cannot reveal the work in progress… But next, we are going to do a summer film during the winter (winter is coming, but we have the weapons, here in the French Riviera to fight it… With creativity). We are also working on a sports equipment campaign and another perfume commercial.

Another main focus is the increasing development of our film production activity. We want to continue pushing on this part: we like to manage large teams and projects without limits.

Production Paradise: How are you managing productions during the pandemic?

Reggliss Production: Ah, it’s a real challenge! First and foremost, we must prevent that any members catches this disease! It is also necessary to ensure that any production started can end as usual. We work to reduce the cost of prevention. We are very strict on compliance with the rules recommended by the health services, this certainly comes from my Germanic heritage.

We would like to thank Gilles for taking the time to share his experience with us! If you want to see more of Reggliss Production, visit their member page or their website.

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