The Creative Relationship between Fashion & Film


With the rise of virtual media throughout the years, fashion has been more and more accessible to us. Fashion houses began by using runways and catwalks to showcase their creations, and then photographs and magazines did the trick. Now we are seeing a display of expression in designers’ most recent collections through the creative collaboration between fashion and film.

The ‘fashion film’ movement has recently hit mainstream audiences, with well known brands such as Prada and Y-3 running integrated, cross-channel campaigns around high-impact digital videos and also a Digital Schedule for film & live catwalk streams, now in place at London Fashion Week. British designer Gareth Pugh, in fact, uses fashion film instead of live runway shows altogether, in order to present his work to a wider audience. In Paris, too, ‘fashion film’ had a powerful function. ‘Fashion film’ has been incorporated into visionary, technology infused, Alexander McQueen shows. This took those in attendance on a heightened, multimedia journey throughout the show, whilst those at home were watching behind two robotic cameras streamed directly to Nick Knight’s website, SHOWstudio.

Here are some stills from two of Gareth Pugh’s films:

Gareth Pugh, Paris 2009. Film by: Ruth Hogben

Gareth Pugh, shown in Paris 2009. Directed by Ruth Hogben.

Gareth Pugh 2011 by: Ruth Hogben

Gareth Pugh, 2011. Directed by Ruth Hogben

Recently Barcelona was host to the ASVOFF festival, an event founded by Diane Pernet in order to promote the collaboration of film and fashion. Photographer, designer, blogger, fashion icon… Diane now holds the title as being revolutionary in fashion filmmaking. She launched A Shaded View on Fashion Film in 2008 in order to fill in what she felt was a creative gap. Since then it has been regarded as an international showcase for both the fashion and the film world because of it’s appreciation of so many aspects in both industries (and when Production Paradise went to the event, we even heard mentions of furniture design, architecture and music!).

Diane Pernet in her personal uniform - headress, red lips & cat eyes sunglasses, check!

For Diane, fashion film is personal and deep routed in history as much as it is innovative. She feels that fashion film has been around for decades, but only in recent years has it been fully explored. And now that it is being explored – it is a new industry with expressive opportunities & a very modern function.

According to network technology and services company Cisco, the number of people that watch web videos will surpass 1 billion by the end of 2011. By 2014, web video alone will account for 57 percent of all consumer internet traffic. With staggering statistics like these… it’s no surprise that fashion brands, both large and small, are investing in online video content.

We’ve got a feeling that there is a lot more to see from the collaboration of fashion and film!

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