The good news about GDPR for Production Paradise Members and Users


There is a lot of uncertainty and concern about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Production Paradise members might be concerned about how this would affect our Spotlight and Showcase magazine sending to the industry subscribers.

How does it affect our newsletters?

The good news is – our magazines are aimed at professionals and our newsletter sending is B2B communication. Even though it is available for everyone to subscribe, we promote the magazine to, and we attract subscribers, mostly from advertising, publishing, photo and film production industries. There’s not much changing in how B2B communication should work with the new GDPR in effect. Production Paradise will continue to send the Spotlight and Showcase Magazines to industry subscribers, as always, offering clearly visible, easy opt-out (unsubscribe) option.

What are the benefits of GDPR?

One of the GDPR aims is to limit unsolicited communication and make it easier for everyone to unsubscribe. This was definitely needed as there are companies and individuals who do not follow the best practices. Some by simply ignoring them, others because of their lack of knowledge and proper tools to manage the opt-outs, avoid the data breaches, etc.

Who is affected by GDPR?

The GDPR and PECR (The Privacy and Electronic Communications EC Directive Regulations, in effect since 2003) apply not only to big companies but also to sole traders, who are sending out messages via electronic channels or keeping personally identifiable information. It applies to organisations and sole traders based anywhere in the world, as long as they manage the data of EU-based contacts.

How to make sure you reach potential clients and comply with GDPR?

Trust it to professionals. It is not always easy for a sole trader to be on top of every new law and regulation and make sure they comply every step. The good thing is – you don’t have to, we can make sure to send your latest work to the most relevant people in the industry. Meanwhile, you can focus on what you do best (shooting a new campaign, perhaps) and we focus on what we do best – getting your work out there.

Most people do not wish to receive hundreds of emails with bits of information, even though some may include relevant information for them. It is much more convenient to get a summarised version of news/updates on certain topics than dozens of emails, each in a different format. Therefore, many art buyers do find our Spotlight and Showcase Magazines more convenient than subscribing to portfolio updates from hundreds of photographers.

Why should you trust Production Paradise? was an early player in Email Marketing. We have been collecting subscriber details for over 15 years and we have been always very keen on privacy and data protection, even beyond any regulations.

We introduced the option for subscribers to segment their preferred publications already 10 years ago, which allowed us to grow a very solid and reliable database of users who have expressed what kind of curated content they want to receive from us. At the same time, we have successfully avoided that the creative buyers, who are our main target, are getting an overload of emails from us.

Due to this policy, we have an extremely low unsubscribe rate in the market with an average rate of less than 0,01%, only one out of ten thousand.

Following a recent survey we conducted with art buyers worldwide, we found out that the overload of emails from hundreds of creative professionals being sent to them is one of the things that annoy them the most and is their biggest concern. They prefer to get one publication from us with the very best 20 to 30 professionals in the field of their interest rather than hundreds of individual emails from people and companies who believe they have something to offer that could be of interest for them. Luckily for them, with the new GDPR in place, the number of emails they are receiving should go down drastically. Especially if they have never opt-in to receive them.

Regarding the upcoming GDPR, we are fully complying with the requirements and will be certified by an official Auditor for the European Data Protection Administration.

In case you are sending your own mailers to potential clients, we would strongly recommend to check your database of emails and review your own privacy policy. Should you have purchased email addresses from a third party in the past, we would suggest double-checking if you can still use those in the future.

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