The inspiring Agent Emma’s story: thrilling photo shoots, portfolio reviews and keeping up with new trends


We had the chance to meet Emma Buckland – the founder of the agency Agent Emma Artist Management, based in Cape Town. She took a few moments to talk with us about her journey from working as an art buyer for an advertising agency to her life now as a photographers’ agent. Emma explains about her passion for her job and how inspiring photo shootings and teamwork can be.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Emma has gathered valuable experience and shared some insigths and remarks about photographic production with us.

Emma discovered Production Paradise fifteen years ago. She remembers that ”it was the first tool available for an art buyer, producer or someone working in production”. And nowadays:  “Production Paradise is helpful for Agent Emma. It allows us to receive creative updates that are important to stay on current trend. Production Paradise is the right marketing tool to work in the photographic industry. They hold a large database of highly creative people – not only locally but also internationally – so we are really excited to be part of their team!” , Emma explains.

We would like to thank Emma for her time. You can see more from Agent Emma Artist Management on the agency’s website, and in the latest Cape Town Showcase Magazine.

If you want to be discovered by a photo agency like Agent Emma Artist Management, show off your work in our upcoming Spotlight or Showcase magazines. Contact us now at or

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