Why Underwater Photography needs its own magazine


Photographer: Peter De Mulder represented by Claudia Trucco

Underwater Photography has been around for while. However, with modern day technology improving so drastically over recent years, the quality of Underwater Photography and Motion has dramatically improved. Photographers are able to experiment and delve the depths even further, and truly phenomenal work is being produced. We’ve noticed not only an increase of this amazing work, but also a much higher demand from the advertising industry. This is why we are making sure that here at Production Paradise, Underwater Photography and Motion has its own category and Spotlight Magazine dedicated to this unique art form.

Photographer: Louay Nasser


Photographer: Mark Mawson

Photographer: Paul Majeski

In the spring of 2016 we will be debuting this new issue of Spotlight Magazine, showing only the highest quality underwater photographic and motion work. These are not your usual shoots for photographers, they are having to go to extreme lengths to capture the perfect shots for this kind of work. Whether it’s scuba diving in the most magnificent oceans with dive cameras that are up to the task in a special housing, or in a studio dive tank, where the water and lighting are totally controlled.

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With this new category, we’ll be attracting more potential clients to your work, making it even easier for Art Buyers and advertising clients to find the photographers and filmmakers they need for this work.

Photographer: Jonne Roriz

Photographer: Malcolm SK Fitt

Photographer: Paul Giggle

These are just a few beautiful examples of Production Paradise members’ underwater work. Many more photographers, DOPs and directors will be showing off their underwater campaigns and projects in the upcoming debut editon Spotlight Magazine.

Photographer: Sara Acosta

Photographer: Laura Barisonzi

Visit the Production Paradise website to see more high quality work from our members. And if you want your underwater images or motion work to be featured in our upcoming edition contact us now at

If you have something to add to this story about underwater photography and motion, and it’s technical challenges, or why it should be highlighted more to the advertising industry, please share it in the comments below.

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