The Lord of the Flies: Exhibition by Photographer Jo van den Berg


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Award winning photographer Jo van den Berg is exhibiting his spectacular The Lord of The Flies piece in Köln, Germany. He has worked within many fields with a variety of high end clients such as Schwarzkopf, Bulgari, Chanel just to name a few. Here we get a taste of what is to come and an understanding of the thought process that goes behind these dark yet gripping images, shot and created by Jo van den Berg.

Jo van den Berg is an expert in still life photography, known for his commercial work and film directing and with a focus on food, cosmetics and people. He is the recipient of several honors, including the Art Director’s Club Award in Germany and the Black & White Spider Award in London.



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With his experience in stylishly visualising illusions and dreams, Jo van den Berg was able to create his Lord of the Flies photo series: icons that make us aware of the cruel side of humanity which lurks under the veil of our sophistication. He photographed trophies found in the dark vaults of customs offices, using deliberately arresting imagery to play with reality and twist our perceptions. The outcome is a parable dealing with the reality of human innocence: a reflection of the ego, with central questions about existence, dignity and humanity.

Jo van den Berg’s The Lord of The Flies exhibition will be on display from 21st February to 31st March, 2016, at the Galerie Junig – Unique Gallery | 50674 Köln – Brüsseler Str. 31 | +49 (0)221-2402020. See more information at



We would like to thank Jo for taking the time to share his new exhibition work with us. You can see more of his work on Production Paradise and his website.

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