The mystical world that lies behind Cade Martin’s photography


Cade Martin was brought up in a creative household. His work has been shaped by this creative flow that has carried on throughout his life and career.  His thirst for capturing adventures took its hold while shooting stills on movie sets and then as a photographer for National Geographic covering the railways in India. And it is that sense of adventure that Cade brings to his productions, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary with a cinematic touch. It’s not just a picture. He’s committed to the experience, building beautiful environments and, sometimes for his portraits, simply building trust. A talented storyteller, Cade travels the world creating images for editorial, advertising, fashion, and lifestyle clients.  With each photo telling a story, it is no wonder he was included in Luerzer Archive’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers in the World.  Here he tells us about the making of and composition thought process behind just one of his phenomenal images.

Cade Martin recently completed a project for the New York Philharmonic that has just been released. Martin was contacted by Art Producer Lillian Sevilla. He loved working on this particular project as the concept needed to be just as strong on the choice of environment as with the storytelling. She charmed a group of curious characters who were delighted by her musical sounds.With a beautiful Northern California location and the New York Philharmonic’s third horn player Leelanee Sterrett, along with the enchanting sound of carousel-horses, Martin produced a magical campaign. Cade says he was excited to work with such a great team of creatives “to combine a  magical Northern California location with the Phil’s French hornist and a curious audience of carousel horses delighted by the sound.” The ethereal concept, which Martin excels at creating, brought to life the New York Philharmonic’s 2016 Biennial Season, appropriately entitled “Let’s Play”. This video gives you an in sight to his work in process:

We would like to thank Cade for taking the time to share his story with us. You can see more of his work on Production Paradise and his website.

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