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The STAND OUT Photographic Forum, one of the world’s leading networking events for the photographic community, kicks off its world tour in May 2017. We are proud to be sponsoring the event and we recently had a chance to speak to event organiser Celeste Walker, who explains all you need to know about this encounter for photography professionals.

Production Paradise: Could you tell us in a nutshell what the STAND OUT Photographic Forum is?

Celeste: STAND OUT Photographic Forum provides people with the opportunity to network with top industry creatives, leading brands and experts of the photographic world to find inspiration and new ways to ‘stand out’. The events aim to educate and inspire attendees through varying seminars and insights from the photographic industry’s leading brands and influencers. Providing an insight into concepts and trends which will foster business development, improve image quality and assist in standing out in a highly competitive market.

Production Paradise: Where did the STAND OUT concept come from?

Celeste: STAND OUT originated in the US four years, we recognised the need for this type of information and support for those working or aspiring to work in the photography industry. Since hosting events in the US the concept has since expanded to Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Canada with more locations to be released soon!

Production Paradise: Who have been some of the inspirational names and companies present at previous STAND OUT Photographic Forums?

Celeste: We have been lucky enough to secure some incredibly inspiring and talented speakers as well as leading photographic brands for past and future events. For the up and coming events you will see Stefan Schlumpf, Robert Hoernig, Timo Leiber, Miss Aniela, Andrea Belluso, Steve Richard as well as many other influential photographers and business professionals. You will also have the opportunity to network with the teams at Phase One, Capture One, Production Paradise,, Basicolor, BFF, Cambo, Profoto, Hahnemuhle and many more.

Production Paradise: How important is it for the photographic community to meet at occasions like this and what do they gain from it?

Celeste: As we all know the photography world is incredibly competitive, particularly over recent years with the evolution of the digital space including social media platforms etc. It’s never been more important to hear from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable, experienced and successful leading brands, what new equipment is on the market and how you can use it to optimise your workflow. The community aspect is incredibly beneficial, particularly from a business and marketing point of view. Attendees will learn how to market themselves effectively while being exposed to business professionals for insights into how to run a successful business.

Production Paradise: Can photographers who come to STAND OUT get their hands on the latest photographic equipment to test?

Celeste: Yes! All events have a sponsor area filled up with some of the latest and greatest products in the industry right now! In addition, we have a Capture One Pro demonstration along with a professional photoshoot setup for the opportunity to capture it all with a Phase One Camera System. Selected events will also be holding portfolio reviews along with the chance to speak with some business and marketing professionals.

Production Paradise: Is the importance of online self promotion discussed and demonstrated for the photographic professionals in attendance?

Celeste: When speaking with a lot of photographers the common feedback is that they don’t have the time or knowledge to effectively promote themselves online. With the progressive evolution of the digital world it’s never been more important to have a strong online presence. Of course the question always comes down to resources, money and time – we try to address that at our events including photographer agents as well as business and marketing professionals from the industry.

Production Paradise: What are the locations of this years STAND OUT Photographic Forum, and how can photographers get tickets?

Celeste: The next tour is set to take place in:
London, April 27th
Vienna, May 4th
Paris, May 18th
Dusseldorf, June 1st
Zurich, July 3rd
We also have some exciting new locations and dates to announce later this year, so keep an eye out!
For more information or to register visit

Production Paradise: What are the expectations for this years STAND OUT Photographic Forum?

Celeste: We are really excited to announce this years line up of speakers and sponsors across the globe, we really feel that the events are expanding and improving for the best. This year there is particular focus on the business and marketing side of photography, it’s a really important element for those who really want to establish themselves as a professional photographer and business.

We would like to thank Celeste Walker for speaking with us. Production Paradise team members will be on hand at the Vienna, Dusseldorf and Zurich forums to give expert advice on online marketing, SEO and digital self promotion for photographers. We are looking forward to meeting you in person at one of these events.

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