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Steven Noble has been following his passion ever since he graduated from the University of California. Now he has become a world recognised illustrator, creating pieces that put him as best in his line of work. We got the chance to talk to Steven and understand more of the intricacy and the person who is behind these master pieces of work.

Client: American Express

Production Paradise: How did you get into illustration?

Steven Noble: I started my career 24 years ago after meeting a well known illustrator who had been in the industry already for 50 years and had helped mentor me into becoming who I am now.


Production Paradise: Being a world-renowned illustrator, what would you say is the key to becoming so adept in your field of work? 

Steven Noble: The key is to have perseverance and consistency in developing your skill in a particular style and medium. The other side of the coin is to stick to specific course of action regarding the marketing of your work. You have to keep people knowing that you’re always available and up to the next challenge.

Production Paradise: When working on a high end job like re-drawing the White House logo, how long does it take to create from the initial idea to end product? 

Steven Noble: The project took the course of 1-2 months. The White House logo had to go through a government committee for each step of the approval process so that there was nothing left unturned which included sketches and final art.

White House Logo

Production Paradise: You work with a lot of different materials, how does this affect the design and intricacy of your work? 

Steven Noble: My work uses traditional hand-crafted materials and tools which helps layout the foundation and therefore intricacy of the final work. The computer is the final editing tool that I use but is only approximately 5-10% of the final end product.

Production Paradise: What medium is your favorite?

Steven Noble: I use the scratchboard medium for most or all of my artwork. This is a clapboard with black ink sprayed on top whereby one can scratch off the ink to create etching effect.

Production Paradise: You’ve created almost 1000 images in a variety of mediums. Do you have a piece or a series of works that you’re particularly proud of?

Steven Noble: There are so many pieces that I’m proud of and not one single one in particular. The illustrations are very diverse from one another and it’s hard to really compare one to the other. The Kraken Rum is something I’m proud of along with the Espolon Tequila illustrations.

Client: Kraken Rum

Client: Espolon Tequila

Production Paradise: What is your working environment like?

Steven Noble: I keep a very organized and up to date timetable for my deadlines and discipline is very important to keep abreast of deadlines, estimate, and invoices and whatever else is unexpected. This industry is very topsy-turvy and you never know what’s coming around the corner so you have to make the ride as smooth as possible.

Production Paradise: What have you found the most useful from being a Production Paradise member?

Steven Noble: I’d say the worldwide exposure that it’s given me across many platforms.

We would like to thank Steven Noble for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of his work on Production Paradise and his website.

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