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In a world full of beauty, adventure and harmony, Raul Chapa, director of Green is Good didn’t miss a single opportunity to explore and shoot in alternative locations. Based in Central America, Green is Good offers class production and travel services to some of the most heavenly destinations around the world including Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Argentina and so on. With renowned clients such as Rolling Stone, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Peugeot or L’Oreal; Raul has kindly offered to share with us his 14 years of experience and contribution to the production and location business.

Green is Good

Production Paradise: How did you get drawn into location scouting?

Green is Good: I always loved to travel to different places, off the beaten path. I like to analyze everything about a “place”, culture, geography, political situation, etc. I’m always figuring out the best way to understand a “place” in order to be able to present it to different people around the globe.

Production Paradise:  Tell me about the scouting process and what do you learn from it.

Green is GoodFirst of, I like to enter “places” through the back door, go through the Kitchen to enter a restaurant for example. I love to find relationships between places and people, between a specific beach and a specific client. There is always a link between everything and everyone, and when it is evident, things become more fluent.

Production Paradise: What features makes your location ideal to your clients?

Green is Good: Originality, I seek places that are real and timeless.

Green is Good GreenisGood4

Production Paradise:  What are the most exciting projects you worked for?

Green is Good: I have to say my clients at ANTHROPOLOGIE have always took me further, always willing to explore those far away magical places in very respectful and interesting ways.
Also, MC agency from Australia comes every year to shoot for CORONA.AU with amazing dynamics and locations requests that have taken us to faraway magnificent places. SUNDANCE Co. has also been exploring the country through their catalogues and shoots and what is exiting about this client is that we still have so many places to go.


Production Paradise: What made it so memorable?

Green is Good: Just the fact that some people are willing to work under difficult conditions to achieve the task. Drive that extra mile that will take you to the ideal spot, or even camp out at that beach to get first light before everyone else arrives.

Production Paradise: What is the most challenging project you worked for and why?

Green is GoodEven though I consider myself a good producer for jungle , sea and other nature challenging locations, I think that every project that we do in Mexico City is very challenging. Clients love to explore the in’s and out’s of this magnificent city which actually is the biggest most dense jungle out there, with all the amazement, dangers and surprises anyone would expect from a faraway untouched part of the amazons.

location baniere

Production Paradise: What do you think of the future of location services with the rise of digital art such as CGI? Do you think it could replace the need for locations companies?

Green is Good: I highly doubt digital arts can replace Nature, or a good light in one of Barragan’s houses. The best clients and Brands will always look for “REAL” places, people and locations.


Production Paradise:   What type of location are you?

Green is Good: Tropical, colonial, seaside wanders with a touch of crazy sophistication.

Production Paradise:  Finally, what have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Green is Good: It definitely puts my company in the level of positioning that I need. And it is a very reliable source for all kind of vendors and contacts around the globe.


We would like to thank Raul Chapa and the whole team Green is Good, for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their work on Production Paradise and their website. Learn more about Green is Good and other Mexico City-based photo production companies.

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