Turquoise water and white sands, shooting in paradise with Frida Productions


Simona and Franca are two passionate Italian producers that live in Mexico; they are the founders of Frida Productions. From a real paradise, Riviera Maya, they have shared with us their story in a very amusing interview about their work, their success and especially about the outstanding places and locations they offer for productions of any kind, no matter how big the production is, they always bring the best solutions to their clients. Basing their services in creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism they are one of the most remarkable production companies out there.

Production Paradise:  How did the idea come to start a production services and location scouting in the Riviera Maya?

Frida Productions: The idea comes from our passions: we put together our personal experiences of styling, production and logistics services with our love for the Riviera Maya. Lately we noticed that advertising agencies and world famous brands started to feel more attracted to the Riviera Maya and we saw the opportunity to offer high quality, professional, dynamic and trustable services.

Production Paradise: Mexico is a beautiful country, what are the benefits to shoot there and not somewhere else?

Frida Productions: México, and especially the Riviera Maya offers a peerless quantity of locations and sceneries: white sandy beaches, tropical jungle, desert, colonial cities, bohemian and cosmopolitan places. As we say in our web page – Why Mexico? Because WE HAVE IT ALL! And it’s very important to say that production costs are significantly lower than in any other nearby places, but at the same time we keep very high quality equipment and our crew is highly qualified.

Production Paradise: Do you have any plans to go further and offer international production and location scouting services in other places?

Frida Productions: We already have an office in Italy, which gives us a better contact with our clients in the fashion and editorial industry. We often realise productions in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the whole of Spain in general as well as in Montenegro and Miami. We can say that YES there is a big future for Frida Productions!

Production Paradise: Can you tell us where is the most spectacular and outstanding location to shoot for you?

Frida Productions: This question can’t be answered. Maybe the cenotes for being  such magical places, unique in the world. But how can we not mention the turquoise water of the beach in Tulum: this is something that takes your breath away and photographers can’t get enough of it. There are beautiful corners everywhere and each scenery is an inspiration for new campaigns.

Production Paradise:
 What do you think makes Frida Production very attractive to international clients?

Frida Productions: Our professionalism and the positive attitude of our team for sure are the best ingredients of our recipe. We really LOVE what we do and our clients can feel it since the first mail contact. Each one of us has more than 10 years of experience and has had contacts with clients and brands from all over the world. We know what our clients want, that’s why they choose us.

Production Paradise: What has been the most challenging client to please and why?

Frida Productions: Each client is unique and in some way a challenge. We focus on satisfying their needs without distinction of brand or production: this is the key for us to realize a great job and being sure that our client will leave fully satisfied.

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Frida Productions: We love your page and found it very helpful: we often used it before being a member to find information about other companies/photographers etc…around the world. We wanted to be part of it to get the best exposure worldwide and we believe that this make the difference we were looking for.

We would like to thank Simona Bonelli and the whole Frida productions team for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their work on Production Paradise and their website.

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