Video interview: Lisa Pritchard on becoming a name brand for photographers’ agents in London


The founder of LPA photographers’ agency – Lisa Pritchard, was nice enough to spare a few moments in her busy day and share some insights on the commercial photography industry. Lisa is running one of UK’s best-known photo agencies since 2001. She already has a pretty clear idea about what qualities to look for in a photographer, and a great portfolio is not necessarily in the first place!

Hear it directly from Lisa in her interview with Production Paradise:

LPA main business is commercial photographer’s representation, but it also offers photo production services, hair and make-up artists, programs for emerging photographers, ‘Pop Up Agent’ services and portfolio reviews.

Lisa recalls her first contact with Production Paradise shortly after opening her agency. LPA’s represented photographers’ work has been featured in our magazines multiple times since then and we would like to share some of the most memorable images here:


Left: © Andy Smith / Right: © Sam Stowell

© Nick David


Left: © Julian Love / Right: © Ray Massey

© Julian Calverley

Left: © Lulu Ash / Right: © Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

Left Lizmcburney Right Holly Pickering

Left: © Liz Mcburney / Right: © Holly Pickering


© Iain Crockart

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