What do buyers want?


We have made an overview of this great survey by Photoshelter and pointed out key insight from art buyers when looking at a photographer’s, agency’s or online resource’s websites.

What’s the best way to attract buyers’ attention?
Out of the 354 responses provided:
• 134 buyers said email is the best approach
• 75 suggested any form of communication – but to ensure it is uniquely targeted to their needs
• 36 buyers said direct mail is the best approach
• 27 buyers suggested an in-person portfolio visit
• 81 other responses were provided, from social media, to personal introductions, to sourcebooks and directories, to reps and agencies.

What makes a good email communication:
• Consistency/ regularity in sending promos
• Image(s) and copy immediately relevant

At what size do you prefer to view images?
• Majority prefers 700pxl wide.

Which background color works best on a website?
• Majority prefers Black

What do you like to see on a website?
• Fast image loading
• Email address always visible
• Phone number always visible
• Ability to click to view all thumbnails
• Search all images by keyword
• Ability to send or copy a link to a photo or galler y
• Showcase a ‘newly added’ section
• Captions below photos or on roll-over
• Ability to view at full screen
• Ability to create/send a lightbox of select images
• Ability to price/purchase/license images right on the site
• Navigation menu consistent on all pages
• Ability to email a photo
• Make browsing easy and logical
• Simple navigation
• Group photos in logical categories/ galleries/ portfolios
• Enable a buyer to request a comp download

What don’t you want to see?
• Ads (ie Google text ads)
• Full-screen ‘intro’ (e.g. animated photographer name/logo) that plays before you get to main menu
• Music
• Slideshows as default/slideshow-only galleries
• Contact forms instead of listing email address
• Slideshow as intro
• Photographer’s recent Facebook/twitter status
• Hidden “next” arrows that move
• Long, Flash intros that can’t be skipped
• Complex, unique navigation

How do you like to view a photographer portfolio?
• Website – preffered

At Production Paradise we know and follow these points to present our client’s work in their best advantage:

• Email showcase or portfolios, consistency in sending promos,Images and copy relevant by location or topic
• Images are always possible to download and not in flash
• Loading time is about 3 seconds
• Images in pop up are limited to 940pxl in landscape
• Always relevant content with Subject clear, “Showcase Paris” or “Spotlight Cars & Landscape Photography”
• Simple presentation, no music, fast loading time, no conditions, easy navigation
• Black background
• No slideshows when image viewing
• Photo and video gallery

These points are very valuable insight for any photographer or creative with a website presentation. Try to follow them to ensure the right people are coming, and staying, on your website.


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  1. its all in there
    and its good to hear it again
    and think about it again

  2. Good advice, I have a black background to my web and was thinking of changing it to white but now I may not. As far as the ability to email photos and that Images are always possible to download and not in flash. This is a bit dangerous and a few of my clients would not be happy that anyone can download them, it may also violate confidentiality clauses signed with clients and agencies. For all the rest, thanks for the reminder.


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