When great design is as practical as photogenic: we speak to Evan Lane, Langly’s founder, about their camera bags


When it comes to classic designs and great functionality for camera accessories, Langly is here to fulfill the needs of photographers all around the world. This year Langly is a sponsor for the Spotlight Awards 2020 and the company’s founder, Evan Lane, gave an interview about the innovative camera bags.

Production Paradise: What was the inspiration behind Langly?

Evan Lane: In 2012, as a photographer I was not happy about the state of current camera bags so I decided to design my own. Langly bags were inspired by the lives of freelance photographers and nomadic professionals looking for something to protect their gear with style and ease.

Production Paradise: Langly bags are both practical and stylish, what was the process of coming up with the designs?

Evan Lane: I wrote down a list of all the current pain points and gripes that I had with current bags at the time. Then I asked photographer friends about features they wanted to see with camera bags that didn’t currently exist. I sketched the physical design out on paper with notes of functionality. Then I would layout a tech pack for the factory to start sampling.

Production Paradise: These bags have been worn across the seven continents and received great reviews, what do you think is behind this success?

Evan Lane: Photographers want more than a nerdy backpack to hold their camera gear, they want something that is photogenic and that can be documented as part of the story or journey. Our bags quickly became the subject of many of our customer’s photos.

Production Paradise: As a photographer, what is the importance of having the right equipment and accessories?

Evan Lane: As a photographer, it is crucial that the tools we use blend into the background, you forget they are even there and the camera becomes an extension of your eye. These tools are just a mode of translating and capturing the reality is in front of you.

Production Paradise: What is Langly’s most popular product?

Evan Lane: Right now it’s the Alpha Compact and the leather camera strap.

Production Paradise: Do you have anything new coming out, can you tell us more about it?

Evan Lane: We do have some new designs coming up but we rather let that be a surprise 😉

We thank Evan for the talk and invite you to enter our Spotlight Awards so you can win great prizes from Langly and many other sponsors.

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