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Recently we interviewed Feel Factory – an agency that uses a mix of creative technical skills to help brands be more attractive and easily comprehensible to their audiences. Feel Factory, based in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Warsaw, opened in 2013 and its clients include global agencies BBDO, Possible, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, Filmservice, Havas and Provid. Read on to find out about the company’s key to success, challenges in their work, creative process and more.

Production Paradise: What are the 3 major aspects that make you different from other post-production studios?

Feel Factory: This scope of activity is not new, a lot of different studios and agencies are presented on the market nowadays. Any agency consists of people working there and these people form uniqueness with their skills and their approach to work. The only thing that can stand us out is the geography of our representative offices: Novosibirsk, Moscow and Warsaw.

Visuals for an advertising campaign of “Trading Plaza” – manufacturer of meat products

Production Paradise: How was Feel Factory born?

Feel Factory: It was born after a conversation on the balcony many years ago. The beginning of Feel Factory came about due to clients in HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café).

Production Paradise: What has been your key to success?

Feel Factory: We are still on our way to success, but, speaking of success in any sphere, it’s always a fanatical approach to business and the people you manage to gather around you.

Production Paradise: Walk us through your portfolio. Which pieces are you the proudest of, and why?

Feel Factory: Each time we start a new project we try to make it better than before. Due to this, the best projects for us are always our most recent work. For example, for CG it’s the John West project – it received two awards at Ad Black Sea. Each project has its story and the more interesting the process, the more valuable the project is for us. For example, our Spicy Poster took 6 hours to compile in studio and after the shoot for post-production we made a crash production of it. It was fun and after such projects, there always are great memories. Every project in our portfolio has a story and we appreciate this experience a lot.

Working process of “Made by Ocean” ad campaign for John West

“Made by Ocean” ad campaign for John West

Beautiful poster made out of spices for the chain of fast food restaurants “Fork & Spoon”

Production Paradise: What type of brief or project do you enjoy working on the most?

Feel Factory: Brief always should be detailed and made by a person who understands the process. Also, briefs that need a solution are pretty interesting, so we find this solution by ourselves and create a brief and solve the problem. This makes us feel highly responsible for the result and we get more satisfaction when everything goes as we planned. Working B2C is always important when your clients trust you. It means they won’t try to make your work for you or to affect the outcome. Working with agencies we usually contact experienced people who know their work and know how we do ours and we achieve excellent results together. Speaking of what we don’t like is when we contact managers who don’t make decisions and just transmit the information from us to their head – these are usually not the most successful projects by the end.

Production Paradise: What’s your motto?

Feel Factory: Work Hard, Go Pro.

Working process in the agency

Working process in the agency

Production Paradise: What are the biggest challenges of your work?

Feel Factory: When we receive a brief and even with our experience it is something we have never done before. For example, we had a really urgent project and we needed to create people in 3D for the first time. We managed the challenge beautifully and this project was awarded bronze at Epica. Also, there are very interesting projects with very short deadlines, but these projects are so interesting for us so we take the challenge. To find a risky and extraordinary solution and prove to the client that they need it and it really worth time and budget, because we are confident in our abilities – also a great challenge for us.

Production Paradise: What are some common myths about CGI?

Feel Factory: Around there is so much of visual noise that people began to erase the boundaries of perception of CG and photos. The level of graphics on the market has grown significantly and we sometimes have to explain which elements are best done in CG and which ones to photograph. In general, myths in this sphere are most likely to be associated with a lack of knowledge of the production processes, but we always try to immerse the client in the process, if he has such an opportunity.

Visual for the brand of wooden glasses

Production Paradise: Do you have any funny story to share?

Feel Factory: We have a lot of funny stories, something crazy is happening in our studio all the time – all the guys in the studio have a sense of humour and are very different, which allows us not to be bored while working. But to convey this mood in the interview is difficult, you need to come to our studio and feel it.

Production Paradise: Describe your creative process. What are the main steps?

Feel Factory: At the initial stage there is a very tight communication with the client, we try to get from him a maximum of emotions about his brand. After processing this information, we analyse the technical process (when we work with agencies) – what needs to be done in photo-shoot, what to do in CG, if necessary, we draw drafts (often in 3D), coordinate and begin the process of work, proceeding from the necessary processes. Sometimes we have to reconcile the intermediate stages, but we don’t like it, because not all clients can see the final result from this. After all stages of coordination, we finalise all the work (render, post-production, layout of the text) and hand over the work to the client. Speaking of identity and brand creation – this process is similar. We also communicate a lot with the client (often much more than when we create a key visual), penetrate into all aspects of the business, analyse competitors and the market, and then compose a visual brief. We discuss it with the customer, after we create concepts, choose the direction closest to the client, and then only the technical part of the work follows us.

Production Paradise: What´s going on in the studio right now? Let us know about your current projects.

Feel Factory: Now we are working on about 16 projects at the same time. Half of them are key visuals for different spheres of business; another half is digital and branding. Also, we have some non-commercial projects which are done for pleasure and experience. We are also working on the development of representative offices in Moscow and Warsaw – meet with many agencies and always have a warm welcome.

Production Paradise: You’re working with diverse clients, from boutique agencies to the world’s biggest brands. Is there any client or project you wish to work with?

Feel Factory: The best clients are the ones that make the world better. Who has high social responsibility (not cigarettes, for example). Even working with McDonald’s, we realise that they direct large budgets to charity. Despite the fact that they are a fast-food, they are a great company. Of course, major clients always bring great experience and a pleasure to work with, because working with a big brand means you will work with professionals and this helps ourselves to become bigger and more qualified. Of course, we have many ambitions and desires, with whom to work. Hunger on such clients is strong and we strive for this goal.

Production Paradise: You have started in Novosibirsk and expanded to Moscow and Warsaw. Are there any other cities you are planning to conquer?

Feel Factory: For now, it’s enough for us, we are developing these offices. Here we have a lot of ambitions too, but we are for quality, not for quantity.

We would like to thank Feel Factory for taking the time to speak with us. You can see more of their work in the latest Photo Post Production & CGI Spotlight and their website.

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