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Welcome to the latest issue of Showcase Paris, brought to you by Production Paradise. We present the very best of visual media industry, with more information available in our dedicated Photo and Film directories.

In this Showcase we present the leading companies and top professionals currently working in Paris:

Chic Paris, Chocolat Rouge, Christian Michel, Francesco Majo, Hanne Evans Production ServicesHotel BankeJPPS, KA2 Productions, LB Production, Mais Ou Et Donc, Midi:10 Productions, Octopix, Olivier Duperrin, Paul J Harvey, Photo Cine Rent, Stella Assogba, Studio Daguerre and Toolbox Productions.

Our cover photo was shot by Louis Decamps.

full photo production

JPPS Paris full photo production

Located in Paris and run by Jacqueline Pusch and John Fanning, JPPS offers global production consulting for advertising and editorial shoots of any size. Their vast experience and a reliable international network allows for successful shoots worldwide.

For the past 12 years the company's unrelenting enthusiasm, energy and endurance has been appreciated by clients including Louis Vuitton, Harrods, Max Mara, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Vogue, H&M, Repetto, Diesel, Peek & Cloppenburg, Boden, Holt Renfrew, BMW, Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, IBM, Orange, Philip Morris, Perrier and Rolex.

Featured in this Showcase is a selection of images from the company's portfolio.

Contact Jacqueline or John on +33 1 44 08 80 22 or by email for more information.


KA2 Productions Paris full photo production

Created in 2000, KA2 Productions is a full service photo production company based in Paris, with extensive worldwide experience.

KA2 provides complete production support for all print shoot, including scouting, casting, studio rental, crew booking, transport, airport transfers and accommodation.

The company provides services considering the optimal cost-effectiveness for each individual client.

Production references include Canal +EssilorPorsche Design and Orange.


mais ou et donc Paris full photo production

mais ou et donc is a full service photo production company based in Paris. With 20 years of experience in still production and location scouting, mais ou et donc handles all shoot logistics with the support of an excellent team of local technicians and worldwide network partners.

The company works closely with clients to deliver a personalised service for every project.

Visit the website for more information.


Toolbox Productions Paris full photo production

Toolbox Productions is an association of three producers, Nicolas Pollet-Villard, Frederic Espinasse and Jeremie Zacharias, who have worked together for more than 15 years.

The company provides extensive production services throughout the world and believes keeping both photographer and client happy to be the essential ingredient for any successful shoot. Producing a quality image in the best of conditions is of prime importance, and with boundless energy and eager anticipation Toolbox aims to provide the best service and smoothest shoot through fun and great results.

Visit the website for more information.


Midi:10 productions Paris full photo production

Created in 1999, Midi:10 is a full service photo production company with an experienced, highly qualified and energetic team that can provide answers to all of its clients' creative and budgetary needs.

The two main partners each have more than 20 years experience in worldwide productions and have an immense passion for photography.

The company firmly believes in the need for the best combination of smooth logistics and personable service.

Visit the website or call +33(0)1 56 08 23 10 to meet the team.


Octopix Paris full photo production

Created in 1999, Octopix is a full service production company based in Paris. Octopix provides experienced multilingual coordinators, friendly assistants and effective technicians to make shoots run as smoothly as possible.

The agency offers the largest location database in France and loves the challenge of finding that "impossible" location in France and throughout the world. Octopix also includes casting and set design services.

The agency adapts to creative and budget expectations for clients as diverse as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft and Vogue, to name just a few.

film production companies

Chocolat Rouge Paris commercial production

Chocolat Rouge is an executive production house based in Paris, working in both the French and international markets. For over 15 years the company's producers have collaborated with famous agencies, production houses and clients from around the world, including Orange, BMW, Kia, Haagen Dazs, ING Direct, Dior and Renault.

The company firmly believes that blending talents brings added value to clients' projects. Chocolat Rouge represents a pool of directors (from advertising to feature film specialists) from various cultures and countries, including France, Finland, Israel, Italy, Korea and South Africa. Its cost effective and creative production services help clients at every level of their projects.

The company can fully organise a shoot, providing the best crews, perfect locations and all necessary equipment for corporate films, documentaries, TV/news, web, music videos, feature films and still images, including photography, illustration and CGI.

"We believe in transparency, flexibility, reactivity and commitment and would be delighted to help on your next shoot in beautiful France."


Hanne Evans Production Services Paris commercial production

Historically based in Nice in the South of France and with a Paris and Atlantic Coast office recently opened in 2010, Hanne Evans Production Services offers full production support for films, photos, videos and events throughout France and across Europe.

The company speaks “production”, understands clients' briefs and can suggest cost effective solutions in order to achieve a brilliant end result.

"You need it - We do it."

post production

CHIC Paris Paris creative post production

"Chic Paris: behind the brand name, a true state of mind."

Chic Paris values respect and pursues a creative approach to imagery.

Its dedicated, reactive and talented team can provide solutions across all artistic and technical 2D and 3D fields, from image capture to the delivery of finished artwork.

The company's convenient and spacious location provides the comfort and necessary atmosphere to foster dialogue, creativity and confidentiality, while its language skills make it possible for Chic to undertake projects in French, English and German.

Visit the website for an overview of the company's artwork.


Christian Michel Paris architecture photographers

Photographer of forms and volumes, Christian Michel elucidates the work of great contemporary architects, both French and foreign.

Stations, museums, airports, habitats and institutions: all types of architecture make up his universe. His trained eye has 15 years of experience in photography - methodically searching for the spaces, volumes and details of varying buildings and of contemporary ensembles.

As a graduate of the School of Arts and Communication Marseille, Christian oriented himself towards the architecture he once photographed as a passion, following several years of general work in photography.

"I was struck by a number of buildings, such as the CRICR built in Marseille by architect Rudy Ricciotti. This is partly what drove me to transform my passion into my professional environment.”


FRANCESCO MAJO Paris food & drink photographers

Francesco Majo is an international food and lifestyle photographer. He shoots from his kitchen daylight studio in Paris as well as on location around the world for different international magazines, design and advertising clients. He has a large choice of props and backgrounds on-hand and his work is easily recognisable through his fine mix of creative style and food presentation. Francesco regularly works on campaigns in Italy, France and the UK.

Clients include Amica, Anna, Elle, GQ, Gulliver, House&Garden, Psychologies Mag, Condé Nast Traveller UK, Sale&Pepe, Saveurs, Vogue Gioiello, Alli, Algida, Autogrill, Bertolli, Bo Frost, Bonne Maman, Buitoni, Carrefour, Ducros / Shwartz, Findus, Knorr, Kraft Foods Italy and Spain, McDonald's, Giovanni Rana, Nadec, Nescafé, Perugina, Philip Morris, Sony PlayStation, Swatch, Tre Marie and Unilever. He has also worked for agencies such as Athem, Callegari Gray Paris, Future Brand, Landor Madrid, Leo Burnett, Lorenzo Marini, JWT, Mc Cann Ericksson, Saatchi&Saatchi, Tbwa, RBA, Vibrand, WCRS and Young & Roubicam.

Francesco also shoots TV commercials and is represented in the UK, France and Italy. Prints are available to purchase direct or by email. Visit his website to see more of his work or to request a folio.


Paul J Harvey Paris car & transportation photographers

Paris-based photographer Paul J. Harvey specialises in car, landscape and 3D photography. He is presently working on Volvo and Renault campaigns.

International nominations have been achieved for the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup as well as the recent Association of Photographers (AOP) awards.

His personal landscapes can also be viewed at ‘theprintspace’ gallery in London this month.

Paul is associated with L’Oeil Ouvert gallery in Paris, where his artwork is regularly on display.

models, actors, casting

Olivier Duperrin Paris casting directors

Photo shoot casting director Olivier Duperrin is based in Paris and has been finding ideal faces for clients since 2004.

Visit the website for more information.

styling, hair, makeup

Stella Assogba Paris hair and make up artists

Stella Assogba is a make-up artist driven by her creativity and spontaneity. 

Her passion has allowed her to travel from Paris to London and Toronto and to work backstage for top designers such as Arthur Mendonca, Mark Fast and Nicolas Andreas Taralis.

She has been quickly recognised for her ability to create flawless skin and for bringing her own personal touch on to every set.

Stella can be contacted through her website, by email or directly on + 33 (0) 6 31 34 54 10.

equipment rent


PhotoCineRent is a full service camera and lighting rental facility located in the heart of Paris. Specialising in digital cinematography, the company's focus is to provide the best solutions and equipment regardless the size or budget of a production.

In the rental catalogue PhotoCineRent provides everything from DSLRs to Arri Alexas, Zeiss, Cooke and Angenieux Cine Optics, as well as practically every film set accessory imaginable.

PhotoCineRent is partner with Briese Lighting and carries every size and lamp configuration for Focus Reflectors. Professional equipment can also be purchased, with Cinedeck, Canon, Denz, Sony, Panasonic, Zeiss, Angemieux, O’Connor, and many more available. PhotoCineRent is also the French distributor for Arri Lighting.

rental studios photo

LB Production Paris rental studios photo

Located on the Left Bank in the heart of Paris, LB Production operates the largest cyclo studio in the city. With car access to its 250m², 5m+ high studio, facilities also include a mezzanine comprising make-up cabin and bathroom along with a smaller cyclo studio measuring 75m², also with a height of 5m+ and a mezzanine space.

Altogether the studio offers 460m² of fully furnished facilities with the latest digital capture solutions and post production services, including Phase One P40+/P65+ and Hasselblad H3D50, along with the latest generation of electronic flashes from Broncolor Scoro and Profoto Pro 8.

hotels and apartments

Hotel Banke Paris hotels

Hotel Banke, a superior four-star hotel, is located in the Opera district in the very heart of Paris and a stone's throw from Boulevard Haussmann and the Galeries Lafayette.

The hotel occupies a building dating from the beginning of the 20th century designed by architects Paul Friesse and Cassien Bernard, and the stately site sits at the junction of Rue La Fayette and Rue Pillet Will. The spacious lobby, closed off by a crystal dome installed 19 metres from the floor, retains the old counters from the former bank around a large mosaic; at present the hotel's bar and restaurant are found behind them.

Hotel Banke has 94 rooms, meeting rooms, a hamam steam room, sauna and gym. It also offers a unique opportunity to combine Spanish tradition and creative cuisine at Josefin Restaurant. There is also a glamorous cocktail bar, Lola Bar, that aims to become one of the most in-vogue spots in Paris.

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