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Welcome to the latest issue of Showcase Copenhagen, brought to you by Production Paradise. We present the very best of Danish visual media industry, with more information available in our dedicated Photo and Film directories with our featured members Morten Bjarnhof and Duckling Post Production.

In this Showcase we present the leading companies and top professionals currently working in Copenhagen: 1st-option, Claus Sonne, Dennis Stenild, Duckling Post Production, Filter Management, GraceLand Productions, Hanne Paludan Kristensen, Joshua Hodge, Lukas Renlund, Mikkel Adsbol, Morten Bjarnhof, Nicolai Alexander and Wetouch Imagework.

Don't miss the Copenhagen Photo Festival that will be held 7th - 17th of June 2012. It is a new festival which will present significant Danish and international contemporary photography in various locations accross Copenhagen.

Our cover photo was shot by Sune Czajkowski.

photo agents

Filter Management Copenhagen photo agents

Filter Management has over 17 years of experience in creative management and photo production.

With a deep respect and passion for the medium of still photography, the company's talented artists add value to every client project. Proud to represent some of the finest and most skilled professionals, Filter Management works across fashion, documentary, art, reportage, advertising, still and landscape photography.  

The company works alongside creatives within photography, styling, hair and make-up, art direction, illustration, set design, props and costume design, food styling and interior decoration. Services include production services, location scouting and permits, model casting, talent and celebrity endorsement, digital retouching and post production, set design, props, studio and equipment rental, catering, transportation and VIP handling. 

Filter Management has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Los Angeles, California, making it the perfect partner for productions worldwide.

post production

WETOUCH IMAGEWORK Copenhagen colour management

As an integrated part of the photographic creation process, Wetouch is above all a tool at the service of photographers, art directors and advertisers.

Since being established in the autumn of 2005, Wetouch has become known for its retouchers' specialised talents in the treatment of images dedicated to luxury, fashion and beauty.

Working with various clients, the company's staff has gathered a specialised knowledge base which guarantees the quality of a production, advising on photography and lighting right through to the final stages of printing.

Wetouch is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and serves clients worldwide.

full photo production

GraceLand Productions Copenhagen full photo production

GraceLand Productions is recognised as the leading still photography production facility in Scandinavia, with an uncanny ability to simultaneously manage the expectations of the client, agency, photographer, crew and at times, even the weather.

GraceLand brings together incredibly dedicated teams of inspiring photographers, talent and crew in worldwide locations to create and execute innovative images and campaigns. From concept to final delivery, the company provides all aspects of organisation and support with grace, style and a sense of humour. On time and on budget, GraceLand delivers.

post production

Duckling Post Production Copenhagen Film post production

Duckling is a one-stop digital shop specialised in high-end CGI and visual effects working for local and multi-national brands including Carlsberg, LEGO, Tuborg, B&O and many more.

Founded in 1999 and based in Copenhagen and Bangkok, the company counts 65 talented artists, designers, animators, operators, producers and coordinators in its team.

"We all share the same passion for telling good stories and making beautiful work for our clients. Welcome to Duckling."


Morten Bjarnhof Copenhagen advertising photographers

Morten Bjarnhof was born in 1951 north of Copenhagen into a family of Danish and Norwegian writers, painters and sculptors.

Morten creates rooms of presence. His photos are invitations to step inside, take part or lose oneself. There are no empty postulates, and in a world of purchased and paid for, this makes all the difference.

“I always try to keep the light as it is," he says. "If I must use artificial light, I will make it look as if it fell through a door or a window. It is an old journalistic habit of a kind, to add nothing and make a loyal account. Let your motif breathe, and give reality a chance to shine through.”

Early in his career, Morten became an established name in editorial and commercial fashion photography, which has led to a succession of jobs for international brands such as Diesel, Ecco, Gant and H&M. Simultaneously, he has completed advertising photography for clients including Bang & Olufsen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Dennis Stenild Copenhagen fashion photographers

Dennis Stenild is a playful soul with a soft spot for the energy in melancholic moods and timeless moments, people and places.

His clients include Fjords, Client Magazine, DV, German Playboy, SMUG, Squint Hommes, Euroman, Eurowoman, Costume, Arena, Qvest and DANSK.


Lukas Renlund Copenhagen advertising photographers

Lukas Renlund enjoys challenging the eye and first perceptions of his audience. He is inspired not only by the history of photography but equally by graphic elements, film, painting, and surrealistic art. In many ways, Lukas' work lies at the intersection of fashion and art photography. 

A number of his series first published in magazines have ended up on gallery walls. For Lukas, there is no clear distinction between his own art and commercial projects. His most recent joint exhibition 'Fashion Photography - Tradition or Invention' - hosted by Preus, the National Museum of Photography in Norway - opened in the spring. He currently lives in Copenhagen and works throughout Scandinavia.


Joshua Hodge Copenhagen advertising photographers

Josh Hodge is a people and lifestyle photographer based in Europe. He specialises in location photography, shooting regularly across Europe, Australia and South Africa. A former architect student and creative director at a leading image bureau, Josh landed on photography as a natural coming together of passions, following some strong mentorship from some of the most influential photographers in the world.

Visit his website for more information.


Mikkel Adsbol Copenhagen food & drink photographers

Mikkel Adsbol has been a photographer for 12 years. He has a great passion for food and living.

"Food is an amazing field to work in, because food speaks to several senses at once," he confirms. "The ultimate challenge is to shoot food in a way that almost brings the aromas out in the picture; after all, a food shot is never just a food shot. Food is about pleasure, social relations, mouth-watering delights and energy for the body. It's great to work within such a life-affirming area.

"Lifestyle is exciting because the challenge lies in creating rooms. Rooms the way they look. Rooms the way they might look. Rooms as rooms within a room. Lifestyle is so much more than white walls and four-legged chairs. It is also a mood. A composition that has to strike a balance through the dedicated teamwork of stylists, craftspeople and designers to achieve the best possible result. Lifestyle is about creating moods that inspire, provoke and take things to a new place."


Nicolai Alexander Copenhagen fashion photographers

Nicolai Alexander has been working primarily with fashion and editorial clients over the past year.

"Work and life moved me from the safety of home in Aarhus to a more dynamic role in the world that is Danish fashion," says Nicolai. "I have had the opportunity to make a massive impact on our editorial markets, and with about 20 scheduled productions around the world, this next year will be even more eventful than the last."

"I moved my main focus from a commercial perspective to a more balanced expression of aesthetics, and brought in the styling team much earlier in our productions. Our clients and viewers seem to really take on board our inspiration and ideas which makes this an amazing, energetic part of my career and personal life." 


Hanne Paludan Kristensen Copenhagen fashion photographers

"Even though I’ve been taking photographs since I was a young girl, it never really crossed my mind that I should be a photographer. I wanted to become a comedian, and actually I did, but I was really lazy when it came to writing the material so I quit.

"I became a firefighter instead, but I drew more and more attention to my photographs and realised I had to just 'try it out'. Before I knew it, 10 years had gone by.

"I get my inspiration everywhere I go. Hardly a day passes when I don’t come across someone, something, or some place I just have to shoot. When I get ideas or assignments I dream about them at night; I visualise the lighting, the colours, the mood and the feeling. I wake up eager to make it all happen, just the way I saw it in my dream.

"I like putting it this way: My images are my dreams coming true."

Hanne is currently seeking representation in London, Milan, Dubai, New York, Chicago, Beijing, Germany and Sweden.

models, actors, casting

1st-option Copenhagen fashion models

1st Option was founded in 2003 as a result of the merger between Flair models (1998) and BC models (1990). Today, the combined agency is among the biggest in Denmark.

The company takes pride in scouting and developing new talent for an international modeling carrier. The agency offers a variety of the best from runways, editorials, image campaigns, commercials and high fashion models.

1st Option knows that clients often need more than just to book a model. Its staff is specialised in advertising and strategic planning, giving clients the opportunity to leverage specialist consulting when integrated marketing communication is needed.

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