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Welcome to the latest issue of Showcase New Zealand, brought to you by Production Paradise. We present the very best of local visual media industry, with more information available in our Photography and Film directories.

In this Showcase we present the leading companies and top professionals currently working in New Zealand: Dean MacKenzie, IDC Photographers, International Rescue, John Doogan, Kingsize Studios, Match Photographers, Meek, Our Production Team, Pacey Production Company, Tim White, Tony Drayton, Troy Goodall and Urs Buhlman Photography.

Our cover photo was shot by Hannah Richards for Remix Magazine.

photo agents

Match Photographers Auckland photo agents

Match Photographers is widely regarded as New Zealand’s premiere photographic agency and stills production company, delivering high-end creative results for award-winning print campaigns. Match represents a very select group of the country’s most acclaimed advertising photographers - several of whom are included in Lurzer’s Archive 'Top 200 Worldwide'. Match has forged enduring relationships with the industry’s most inspiring agencies, creatives, clients and brands.

With over a decade of experience, Match brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the production of shoots both in New Zealand and internationally. Each photographer represented offers differing and complimentary areas of specialisation. This, coupled with the very best personal service, has made Match the most successful agency in the country.

Photographers include Ross Brown, Paul Ross Jones, Chris Sisarich, Meek, Virginia Woods Jack, Aaron McLean, Steve Boniface and Fraser Clements.

Visit the Match website for more details.


IDC Photographers Auckland photo agents

Established in 1999 by Michele Richards, IDC has built a regional reputation for being one of New Zealand’s most respected photographic and production agencies.

Based in New Zealand but with extensive production networks throughout Singapore, Indonesia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, UAE and Australia, the company caters to briefs around the world and supplies clients with local knowledge and experienced crew. 

IDC takes great pride in showcasing New Zealand’s uniqueness with the world.

Recommendations and references from creatives, agencies and production houses are available on request. 


International Rescue Auckland photo agents

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, International Rescue represents a select group of leading commercial photographers and provides full service line production.

The company's photographers are known as the best in their fields, with a few holding Lurzer's Archive Top 200 placements. This, coupled with their professionalism and international experience, ensures any brief can be executed.

Production services include a versatile team of highly experienced producers and conveniently placed production offices on both the North and South Islands. With a trusted network of industry professionals, International Rescue has access to the best talent, locations, crews and equipment in New Zealand. Whether dealing with freight, visas and carnets or high-speed data transfers, the company can be relied upon to handle the logistics.

Photographers include David Shields, Frances Melhop, Kristian Frires, Lewis Mulatero, Neil Bailey, Nic Staveley and Urs Buhlman. 

full photo production

Pacey Production Company Auckland full photo production

The Pacey Production Company offers complete photo production services throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Susan Hatten, Senior Art Buyer at Ogilvy in Chicago, recommends the company's service: 

"Our agency shoots around the world with some of the top photographers, so we have a lot of experience dealing with top producers in foreign countries. We have never before worked with anyone as buttoned-up, professional, and organised as The Pacey Production Company. It's stressful planning a shoot halfway around the world, dealing with the different cultures, languages, time zones, etc., but they made it seem easy. We are deeply appreciative of all their hard work and the clients were thrilled with the results.”

Visit the website for further information.



Our Production Team services the finest photographers in the world and with teams in Auckland, Queenstown and Sydney have knowledge of some of the best locations on the planet.

With a commitment to supporting the creation of amazing imagery, Our Production Team is the risk-free production company that leaves no stone unturned.

Recent clients (and new best friends) include:

  • Photographer Erik Almas.
  • New York Times Style Magazine shot by Orlando Bloom and featuring the amazing Miranda Kerr.
  • Exposure NY with photographer Morten Bengtsson.
  • Melbourne-based photographer Paul Torcello.
  • Brisbane-based photographer Aaron Tait. 
  • Recent campaigns in Kakadu, Alice Springs and Darwin for Tourism Northern Territory.

Contact Executive Producers Rebecca Vaughan and Megan Wilkinson for a quote or more information.


Tony Drayton Auckland advertising photographers

Tony Drayton is an internationally respected fashion and beauty photographer who has been shooting advertising and fashion for over 25 years.

After a 10-year stretch shooting fashion editorials Tony began shooting advertising campaigns that soon drew attention from clients who contracted him to position their brands solidly in the global marketplace. With a strong presence in Asia, Tony is often shooting for hair and beauty products. He has a hands-on philosophy and his eye for detail and cinematic approach to his imagery make him a popular choice for creatives worldwide.


John Doogan Christchurch advertising photographers

John Doogan is a landscape photographer based in Christchurch, at the centre of a landscape photographer's paradise. John has extensive knowledge of back-country locations and loves to plan and collaborate with clients to supply special images of places. A three-times winner of the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) Landscape Photographer of the Year Award, John has an established track record supplying location images for commercial use.

Visit his website for more information.


Dean MacKenzie Auckland advertising photographers

Dean Mackenzie’s success as a photographer has been fueled by passion and hard work. He enjoys shooting international lifestyle and sports-based campaigns for agencies out of the USA, China, Korea, Australia and NZ.

Dean was awarded 'Epson NZ Photographer of the Year' (2007) and in 2010 was awarded 'NZ Travel Photographer of the Year'. He is in high demand for a huge variety of assignments, from editorial to advertising, fashion and outdoor adventure. 


Troy Goodall Auckland portrait photographers

Intrigued by the play between light and composition, Troy Goodall has developed an otherworldly style that communicates creative ideas with clean, powerful imagery. His ability to build rapport with his subjects also shows through in his unusual portraiture, which can capture a personality in a single shot.

Approaching every job with a sense of creativity and collaboration, Troy enjoys working within a team to translate a concept into a strong visual piece.


Meek Auckland advertising photographers

Born in the Netherlands, Meek immigrated to New Zealand with his family in the 1970s. From a young age photography has been his driving passion and he has gone on to develop a highly successful career in advertising and fashion photography with clients throughout Australasia.

Meek has a unique eye for creating graphic and avant-garde imagery. He enjoys the entire creative process and is widely regarded for his collaborative and visual ideas that often incorporate highly detailed sets and backgrounds. More recently, Meek has been working closely with his retoucher developing unique grades that bring a distinctive look to his portraiture. 

Meek is represented by Match Photographers.


Tim White Auckland portrait photographers

Tim White is one of the most respected names in photography in New Zealand today. He is noted as one of the 13 most influential creative celebrities to watch and his work is regularly published and exhibited.

Tim's foray into the field began when he moved to London in 1990, where he lived for over a decade working and developing his craft. He relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2001, during which time he exhibited his first solo gallery show from his Signs of Life book project.

In 2005 Tim returned home to New Zealand to start a new project which eventually became the book True North and corresponding documentary film 'Whakarongomaikio, Listen (towards) ambience', adding to existing personal documentary and photography projects. 

Recent commissions include the Auckland Theatre Co., Workshop Clothing and Redbulletin Magazine.


Urs Buhlman Photography Auckland car & transportation photographers

Urs Buhlman is one of Australasia’s most highly regarded automotive photographers. Working out of both New Zealand and Australia, his award-winning, technically ambitious work is evidence of the experimental possibilities that are the ultimate of image making.

He has specialised in shooting automotive, landscape and location assignments for clients from Japan, India, the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Shooting primarily on location where he enjoys being pushed to his limits, Urs is engrossed in the challenge of unpredictable weather and lighting conditions. Later, in post, he adds his trademark grade of dramatic tones and high detail refinement. Over the last three years, Urs has shot and created a large variety of landscape road environments with matching 360° HDRI domes specifically to be used with automotive CGI mesh models. 

Urs is represented by International Rescue. Click here to view his portfolio.

rental studios photo

Kingsize Studios Auckland rental studios photo and film

As New Zealand’s longest running photographic studio, Kingsize can assist a shoot with everything from studio space, camera and lighting to grip, computers and unit gear.

The studios are conveniently located in central Auckland, just 25 minutes from the airport. Clients have a choice of four purpose-built shooting spaces, including a large drive-in studio with 7m wide cyc, a daylight studio and a garden studio. Kingsize also provides make-up rooms, comfortable client areas, wireless broadband, kitchens, coffee machines and ample free parking.

Kingsize offers the largest stills / HD-DSLR rental inventory in New Zealand. All of the gear has been hand picked and tested to ensure the best possible quality. In sales, the company is an agent for many of the world's top brands.

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