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Welcome to the latest edition of Showcase Buenos Aires, brought to you by Production Paradise. We highlight the very best of the Argentine visual media industry, with more information available in our online Photo and Film directories.

In this issue we present the leading companies and top professionals currently working out of Buenos Aires, including AM Production Services, Blumencweig + Benitez, Brite Productions Latin America, Chino Zavalia, Delfina Bucure, Estilo3D, Jacaranda Films, Martin Köhler, Pose It, Rocket to the Moon and Viento a Favor.

Our cover image was shot by Nacho Ricci for Harper's Bazaar.

full photo production

POSE IT Buenos Aires full photo production

Pose It is a production service company for photo shoots based in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Montevideo, providing full production service support across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for still photography.

Pose It recently provided service to Native (USA) with photographer Jim Krantz for Samsung, Lockbox Productions LLC (USA) with Photographer João Canziani for Gatorade, Plein Sud (France) with photographers René & Radka for André, Tag Worldwide (UK) with British photographer Nick Georghiou for Range Rover, Atelier Management (USA) with British photographer Lorenzo Agius for Unilever's 'I Can´t Believe It´s Not Butter!', and ManaMediaGroup (Europe) with Swiss photographer Gian Paul Lozza for Converse.


AM PRODUCTION SERVICES Buenos Aires full photo production

AM Production Services continues to lead the way for photo production in Argentina and Latin America. The beginning of 2013 brought a varied range of  new projects  that will help their clients in their new strategy.

AM Production Services expanded their expertise to include video which will help clients connect with their customers.

AMPS, photographers’ agency, now represents five new photographers including: Emmanuel Burset, Luis Bañuelos Aréchiga, Rafael Delceggio, Saima Altunkaya, Sebastian Israelit

Visit AM Production Services' regularly updated website and its blog to discover the latest productions, photographer’s portfolios and news about them.

photo post production

Estilo3D Buenos Aires CGI/ 3D photographers

Based in Buenos Aires, ESTILO3D is an art production studio specialising in 3D-CGI, art direction and digital animation. In the last four years the company has added 11 awards from Cannes Lions (four Gold, three Silver, four Bronze), four Silver at the Clio Awards 2013, and others from around the world including Wave, El Sol, Ojo de Iberoamerica, Diente - Argentine Creative Circle, Volcan, Cuspide and Circulo de Oro - Mexican Creative Circle. ESTILO3D was also included in Luerzer's Archive '200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide 2013'.

With a talented team focused on attention to detail and a workflow based on the craft, ESTILO3D works with the best agencies, photographers and film production companies in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia through concept art, 3D-CGI, art direction, creative retouching, digital animation, mapping and post production.

Latest digital animation projects include the stereoscopic 3D characters for Cinemark joint Coke, the Chevy Sonic Claw architectural video mapping for the USA market, Subway for Puerto Rico and Dermaglos for Argentina.


Blumencweig + Benitez Buenos Aires advertising photographers

Recent work from Lucila Blumencweig and Daniela Benitez includes:

  • Palmas del Pilar, TBWA Buenos Aires.
  • Adidas, TBWA Buenos Aires.
  • Tan Bionica, Rolling Stone Argentina.
  • Illia Kuriaky & The Valderramas Bacanal.
  • Kids editorial La Petite Magazine.
  • DTV, Y&R Argentina.
  • Primera Huella W/F13 campaign.

Chino Zavalia Buenos Aires fashion photographers

"I consider myself extremely lucky because I have the best job in the world," says photographer Chino Zavalia.

His original and eye-captivating advertising and fashion work has taken Chino across the world on exciting photo shoots, from Buenos Aires to Bali, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia and the USA, among many other locations.

His images combine cross-cultural references and a personal focus derived from his world travels, spliced with fashion-world subtlety and still life freshness.

Eclectic, passionate, irreverent, elegant and joyful are the adjectives best suited to describe the work of this uniquely skilled professional voyeur.


Delfina Bucure Buenos Aires fashion photographers

Delfina Bucure is a young photographer based in Buenos Aires. She works out of her own studio creating refined and fresh images that reveal her passion for composition and lighting.

Her visual interpretation is strongly influenced by her training as a film director and the degree in Social Communication she gained from the University of Buenos Aires, two approaches that permit Delfina a broad creative versatility.

Her work has been nominated for the Cannes International Festival of Fashion Photography 2011- 1013 (France). Recent editorial work includes Remix, Catalogue, Las Rosas, Reflex Mag, Mustique, Bambi Mag (Italy) and Fine Taste (Zurich), among others.

film production companies

ROCKET TO THE MOON Buenos Aires commercial production

Rocket to the Moon is a multinational company that provides comprehensive production services for photography projects. The team has the required experience and expertise to handle global projects, positioning the company as a complete option for the resolution of any scale of job. Rocket to the Moon offers the very best service to clients from the US, Brazil and Argentina.

Clients include Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nike, Gatorade and Avon.

Agencies: Mother, David, Bbdo, Ogilvy, Ddb, Young & Rubicam.


Jacaranda Films Buenos Aires commercial production

Jacaranda Films is a Buenos Aires, Santiago and Montevideo-based production company providing full production service support across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for still photography, commercials, documentaries and feature films.

Jacaranda Films recently provided production service to RSA (USA) for Bacardi, Henry de Czar for B for Bank, Rabbit NY (USA) for Budweiser, Carnibird (France) for Ricoré, Lankford Films (USA) for Advair, Henry de Czar (France) for CNIEL, Paranoid (USA) for Kleenex, Cinelande (Canada) for Air Canada, Moonwalk Films (France) for Credit Agricole, Quad Productions (France) for Peugeot 408, Moxie Pictures (USA) for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, Partners Film (Canada) for Lactantia and Robot Films (USA) for Ritz Crackers.

With director Karina Insausti, Jacaranda Films also produced work lately for Danone Actimel and Activia, as well as most recently for Villa del Sur and insurance company Sancor Seguros. Jacaranda also produced two important campaigns for Movicel shot on location with director Pablo Casacuberta in Angola, South Africa, Portugal and Brazil.


Brite Productions Latin America Buenos Aires location service and scouts

"Guille at Brite Productions was an unexpected surprise. Having worked with many production teams around the world, I am accustomed to having to solve problems that often arise with working in a foreign country. This is the first time that a production has run so smoothly and a local producer has gone way beyond the expected protocol, catering to and anticipating needs. I couldn't have had a better team!" Lisa Maria Cabrera, Producer, Tenth & Hudson, Inc.

"We would like to formally thank you Brite Productions Latin America for the excellent work, dedication and excellent layout shown in this project. Really, it has been a great experience and we hope to repeat it in the near future. Without the support and professionalism of each of you, the result would not have been the same." Rony Siefer, Productor, Stillking / Chilenia.


Viento a Favor Buenos Aires location service and scouts

The Argentinean Patagonia has a wide variety of natural scenery and unique views. Viento a Favor is experienced in major productions, a guarantee of success for clients thinking of Patagonia as their next location.

Viento a Favor provides full production services including location scouting, permits, transportation, action vehicles, lodging, catering, local professional crews, casting, backstage, and more to companies in Argentina and abroad, reducing the time and cost of a production.

Latest work includes backstage for Il Richiamo (Italo-Argentina), production service for YPF commercials, pre-production, interviews and event coverage for America24, TN, Encuentro, and others.

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