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Welcome to the latest issue of Showcase New York, brought to you by Production Paradise. We present the very best of the local visual media industry, with more information available in our dedicated Photo and Film directories.

We would like to invite you to these upcoming events held in New York city in the following months.

  • The submission deadline for the New York Photo Awards is August 17th. Established in 2008, The New York Photo Awards has attracted exceptional work submitted from over 20,000 photographers and visual artists.
  • The next NYCFotoWorks event will take place from October 23th to 25th at Dune Studios in Soho. You can use PPFoto code to get a 10% discount on application.

Our cover image was shot by Guy Aroch with Helena Christensen. Guy is represented by Jed Root.

photo agents

212 Artists Reps New York photo agents

212 Artists is a full service boutique photographic agency with a wide range of work including, but not limited to, architectural, food, sport, fashion, still life and children.   

Among the company's many clients are some of the industry's top names such as Timberland, Godiva, Four Seasons Hotel, Avon, L'Oréal, Victoria's Secret, Target, and American Eagle Outfitters, to name but a few.  

212 provides outstanding photography and takes pride in strategising with and problem-solving for its many varied clients. 


Jed Root Inc. New York photo agents

Jed Root, Inc. is the premier agency for leading fashion photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and make-up artists, prop stylists and set designers within the fashion industry.

The artists represented by Jed Root, Inc. contribute to projects including advertising campaigns, editorial photo shoots and fashion shows.

Founded in 1989 in New York, the agency offers true global representation to its artists with offices in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Today, Jed Root, Inc. sustains its commitment to supplying top talent and continues to set precedents within the constantly evolving fashion industry.


Doug Truppe Represents New York photo agents

Doug Truppe represents advertising photographers both domestically and internationally, providing a wide range of specialties in photography including lifestyle, portraiture, food, still life, humour, children and babies. The agency has established solid working relationships with top clients such as Avon, AT&T and Pfizer, to name just a few, and has great relationships with production companies throughout the world to ensure the best production services for clients.

Visit the website for more information.


Marilyn Ballard Inc. New York photo agents

Marilyn Ballard has a discerning eye for talent and enjoys the development and professional dedication in supporting her artists as they excel at their craft. Her background as a photo producer and model agent combined with years of building her network in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Australia and Europe have provided a natural segue into opening Marilyn Ballard Inc.

Natasha Lopez flew her coconuts in from Hawaii to NYC joining team MBReps. She brings a background of advertising production, marketing, and the spirit of “Aloha” to the team.  

Team MBReps welcomes every opportunity to grow and collaborate with new friends and clients. They enjoy a strong cocktail of professionalism with a twist of laughter, positively stirred!


Photogroup Inc. New York photo agents

Photogroup Inc. is a legendary full-service artist agency that represents and manages professional photographers nationally, with offices in the D.C. (Metro) and New York City area. The agency also provides studio rentals, production, and electronic-imaging services.

Photogroup Inc. presents a diverse roster of talent from still life and advertising to music, documentary, and award-winning fashion photography. Created over 20 years ago, Photogroup Inc. has thrived and evolved along with the changing landscape of the photo industry, in part because of the extraordinary, innovative, and professional talent they represent.


OPUS New York photo agents

Opus Reps (Opus Photo), founded in 2005 by Bobby Heller and Jorge Perez, is an innovative artist management and production company with a diverse roster of talent, recognised for its progressive fashion, editorial, music, celebrity and advertising clients.

In just a few short years, Opus Reps has quickly become one of the premier agencies for leading talent within the fashion industry.

styling, hair, makeup agents

Jed Root Inc. New York Styling, Hair & Make Up, Prop & Set Designers Agents

Jed Root, Inc. is the premier agency for leading fashion photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and make-up artists, prop stylists and set designers within the fashion industry.

The artists represented by Jed Root, Inc. contribute to projects including advertising campaigns, editorial photo shoots and fashion shows.

Founded in 1989 in New York, the agency offers true global representation to its artists with offices in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Today, Jed Root, Inc. sustains its commitment to supplying top talent and continues to set precedents within the constantly evolving fashion industry.

photo production

Beth Klein Productions New York photo production

Beth Klein's career began as an agent at several leading NY agencies representing photographers, fashion editors and set designers. This experience led her to understand how to marry the demands of creating compelling images while balancing the needs of clients and creative directors.

Beth left the artists management side of the industry and focused on art buying and production. Prior to opening Beth Klein Productions in 2006, she had the good fortune of working with Lloyd + co and acted as Steven Klein’s executive producer.

Beth's easy nature and solid relationships with both vendors and artists allows for consistent, high quality service at any budget.


Mission Photo Production New York photo production

For over a decade, Mission Photo Production has had the privilege to produce photo and film shoots for Mercedes on a regular basis, sometimes working on several projects a year.

However, it was a first for Mission to produce an ad for a Mercedes fire truck, with the theme of "Gotham by night". Working with the Berlin-based photographer Markus Mueller, Mary Pratt used her peerless scouting resources and considerable knowledge of New York City to ensure an optimal shoot.

Mary also recently produced a BASF campaign for Michael Schnabel in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. With years of experience working all over the globe, Mission can employ its extensive network to accomplish any project, anywhere.


Roger Grey Produces New York photo production

Roger Grey Produces is a production company based in NY and Los Angeles with over 10 years of expertise in advertising, catalogue and editorial photography. Recent clients include Acura, Nissan, Crate & Barrel, CB2, Vogue Brazil and Elle Germany.

As a boutique production company, Roger Grey Produces provides the best of both worlds: personalised service with great attention to detail, along with a friendly production team big enough to handle clients' every need. Over the years, the company has developed a vast network of production resources across the USA and beyond. No matter where the project goes, Roger Grey Produces is able to execute a smooth and successful shoot.

"With Roger Grey, you will find yourself concentrating more on your job, while leaving the intricacies to us!"


3 Production Inc. New York photo production

3 Production, Inc. provides full photo production and casting services that are customized to the needs of their worldwide clients in the fashion and advertising industry.

Services include: art buying, casting, budgeting, crew, travel and transport, permits, carnets, equipment, talent booking, on-set coordination and behind the scenes video.


Adirondack Mountain Productions New York photo production

With over 15 years' experience, Adirondack Mountain Productions specialises in film, television and print productions, location scouting, location rentals, prop rentals and production support.

The company represents multiple properties in and around the Adirondack Mountains, from rustic to modern homes and camps. It also has access to some amazing scenic areas in the ADK.

A great selection of props is available including boats, planes, cars and much more. The company can also handle all travel and accommodation needs in the area.

Services include production location scouting, location management, prop rentals, catering, transportation, accommodation and large-scale prop rentals.


Barrington New York photo production

Barrington Production Group provides services geared to casting, production, brand marketing, celebrity endorsements, consulting and contract negotiations within the fashion and beauty industries. Services include art buying, crews, equipment, studio and location scouting, set design, travel, hotels, and much more. The company also offers post production for any size of project.

Barrington primarily specialises in the Miami, New York and Caribbean markets. Visit the website for more information.


Aaron Graubart Photography New York still life photographers

Aaron Graubart is an award-winning still life and food photographer based in New York City. Born and raised in London, Aaron studied painting at the Sir John Cass School of Art and later photography at the London College of Communication. A passion for the history and language of painting often informs and influences his work, however a love for all things contemporary, graphic and powerful keeps his work firmly rooted in the present. 

Aaron lives in Brooklyn with his 14 guitars, two blue bicycles and his beloved 1972 Triumph Bonneville.

He is represented by Josette Lata.


Ben Goldstein New York Portrait & Still Life Photographers

Ben Goldstein has loved photography ever since discovering the darkroom while looking for a lunchtime alternative to his high school cafeteria. He was instantly hooked, and whenever possible chose photography over a somewhat bleaker high school reality.

To this day, Ben prefers photography to reality, and thinks reality could often use better lighting!

Ben shoots portraits and still life and tries to find humour in his work whenever possible. He has worked with Esquire, Marie Claire, Maxim, O Magazine and HBO to name just a few. He has an MFA from Pratt Institute and lives in Brooklyn.


Gil Lavi New York advertising photographers

Gil Lavi is an advertising and editorial photographer specialised in portrait and lifestyle photography. His clients include Wired, Delta Airlines, and the AIDS Task Force.

The breathtaking cinematic quality of his work makes it highly recognisable, and was the subject of a Photography Monthly Magazine article following his IAA Silver Award for excellence in advertising and commercial photography. 

Gil's experience ranges from developing unique photographic concepts for brands to creating stunning commissioned work for campaigns and serving corporate clients on a regular basis.


James Robinson Pictures New York people & lifestyle photographers

James Robinson has been exploring the world with a camera since he was fifteen. His vivid, authentic work embodies a boundless curiosity, a yearning wanderlust.

Based in New York, Robinson has been creating breathtaking imagery for corporate, advertising and editorial clients for the last twenty-five years. These include BMW, AT&T, Mastercard, Sony, Lufthansa, IBM, Hyatt Resorts, Kawasaki Motorcycles, The Wall Street Journal, Philips Exeter, Johnson & Johnson and Hess Oil. Robinson's photographs have been featured in Communication Arts, Advertising Age, and Adweek Magazines.

Along with taking pictures, he enjoys gardening, good food, natural wine, and tropical fruit (except for durian). He lives in the city, thrives in the country and loves to travel.

To see more of his work check out his website.


Kurt Gardner Photography New York people & lifestyle photographers

Through Kurt Gardner’s camera lens, a real sense of emotion is captured each time he shoots an image. His love of the craft shows in the smallest details. When photographing people or places, a story unfolds and the mood is set.

Kurt has been shooting professionally since 1995, having called New York City home for the past 12 years. He now happily travels to shoots from his home in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains.  

When not shooting on location, he can be found working on his fine art photography.

He lives in the Adirondacks with his wife Ximena and children Andrew, Kaitlynn, Ben, Grey and big “Red Dawg”.


Matthew Klein Studio New York food & drink photographers

Matthew Klein wants to make you hungry for his clients' products.

He doesn't care about anything else.


Benton Collins Photography New York still life photographers

Deft detail and precision lighting are the hallmarks of a Benton Collins shoot.  His innovative lighting and application of creativity helps highlight the essence of beauty in many products. Along with talent, Benton brings a signature selection of tricks and trade secrets to his photos. Applied to any liquid product, or used to highlight a "dry" shoot, the result is always impressive.

Benton is now expanding into the world of the moving image. His latest video offering is the rap music video "Liv'n On The D'low". "Stop The Violence, Guns Must Silence" is the main theme of this music video featuring rap artist Dee Flex. Dee Flex's anti gun and drug life message is pointed to hit where it needs to be heard the most.

Benton currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Steve Lesnick New York Children, People & Lifestyle Photographers

Steve Lesnick is an award-winning NYC advertising photographer who has won numerous awards, most recently a 2010 APA Lifestyle Award. He has been a working professional since he graduated from the University of Miami.

Steve fell in love with the intricacies of lighting and craftsmanship of 8x10 film at the beginning of his career, before the computer came along. However, as his life changed, he discovered a love for photographing people. He shoots many types of people as often as possible and has become known for capturing exceptionally vivid candid images.

Clients include Merck, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Casio, Sanofi Aventis, Mont Blanc, Allegra and Welches.

Steve is represented by Doug Truppe.


Alex Kotlik New York interiors & exteriors photographers

Alex Kotlik is an award-winning commercial and advertising photographer currently based in New York City. Travelling around the globe for assignments, his main specialties are people, lifestyle, architecture and interior photography.

Alex has 10 years of experience shooting on location worldwide. Highly versatile, he is capable of producing photo shoots of any scale and nature. Combining a journalistic style with a 'studio-on-location' approach, he creates images that are spontaneous and natural, filled with life, light and colours.

Clients often call Alex a perfectionist for his attention to detail and desire to find the best angle and most creative way to realise their ideas. 


JR Delia Studios New York Portrait & Lifestyle Photographers

JR Delia is a New York-based lifestyle and portrait photographer with over 10 years’ experience shooting for editorial, fashion and advertising clients.

Known for his edgy, character-revealing portraits and effortlessly sexy fashion, JR is a master of lighting and experimental film techniques. His night exposures are widely recognized, and have been featured in galleries from New York to Milan.

JR’s work can be seen in ES Magazine, Esquire Russia, Parade, TATLER, NY Times, and Harper's Bazaar. Visit his website to see more of his wide-ranging commercial portfolio. 


Mete Ozeren New York advertising photographers

Mete Ozeren developed an early interest in photography and had his first solo show at the age of 16, followed by numerous other exhibitions supported by companies like Kodak and FujiFilm. Moving to study in New York, he advanced his education at the Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Professional Photographic Illustration and Advertising.

Mete also gained significant experience while he was with the photography team at Markus Klinko & Indrani as a photo retoucher and lead assistant, working with celebrities and numerous high-end clients. He continued shooting as a freelance photographer with his images featuring in magazines such as Billboard, Esquire, and Trendsetter, along with many others.

In 2010, Mete opened his own studio and remains available for exciting new projects. He is currently represented by Collectiff. Visit his website to see more of his work.

post production

TimeLine Video New York editing

The Timeline team represent a diverse and well-coordinated balance of youthful exuberance and mature insight. Their skills and personalities blend seamlessly to create exciting and exacting media. They love being on the waterfront (and steps from the train station) in Irvington, New York in a former greenhouse factory that architects, animators, fashion designers and creative professionals of all stripes call home.

Their offices are spacious yet homey, resulting in a relaxed and focused work environment. Even when working around the clock, Timeline maintain their good humour and harmony. Their team have done it all, and for a long time.

styling, hair, makeup

Deborah Ferguson New York fashion stylists

Many have referred to Deborah as a “style junkie”. Her deep-rooted passion for fine art, couture and photography started in London before she was accepted into Central St. Martins College. Whilst pursuing a degree in Fine Art and Fashion Design, she became a pedigree in the world of RTW/couture fashion by apprenticing for John Galliano.

Deborah’s actor and recording artist clients were based in LA/NYC, which inspired her to relocate and expand her career in the two cities.  Not long after working with clients like Steve Carell, Rachel Bilson, Dave Chappelle and Joaquin Phoenix, Deborah received a Costume Designer’s Guild Award, published a cutting edge digital fashion magazine - Content Mode, and became a Costume Design Consultant for USA Network’s original series.

equipment rent

CSI Rentals New York Equipment Rent Photo & Film

CSI Rentals is the one stop shop in New York City for photo and video equipment, all under one roof featuring camera and lighting rentals for still and video at the same location as well as expendables photo and video supplies.

They feature professional camera rentals including DSLR HD, medium format, pro digital capture, video and cinema, motion follow focus rigs and accessories.

Their extensive rental inventory is maintained in peak condition by experienced professionals, every piece of equipment is triple tested and every order is checked before it leaves their door.: CSI Rentals Street Level Location speeds and eases loading, unloading and accessibility and the Curb Side Service delivers the gear to location, as well as delivery and pick up service and a 24 hours drop off center.

hotels and apartments

SIXTY LES New York hotels

In a collaboration of some of the flashiest names in contemporary art and design, Thompson’s LES property is for the young and restless.

Thompson LES radiates the creative undercurrent of its neighbourhood. Among the hotel’s edge-defining backdrop, the 141-room hotel features custom made light-boxes, graphic paintings, and a rooftop pool displaying an image of Andy Warhol. The hotel offers three penthouse suites including a bi-level 2000 sq foot Thompson Loft, all with spectacular views of downtown Manhattan from their sprawling terraces.

Thompson LES’s 18 stories also house an outdoor pool and bar, Above Allen, a private outdoor/indoor terrace bar open year-round, and newly opened Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya.

associations & events

New York Photo Festival New York photo events

New York Photo Festival is calling all photographers to submit their work to the New York Photo Awards.

Submissions to awards will be seen by a stellar pool of judges and top names in photography.

Winners in each category (Fine Art, Documentary, Advertising, Personal Portfolio, Photobook, and Mutlimedia) will be exhibited at the powerHouse Arena this fall during Brooklyn's largest annual art event, the Dumbo Arts Festival, from 28th to 30th September and featured in the debut issue of the series re-issue of powerHouse Magazine: The Future of Contemporary Photography, coming in Spring 2013 from powerHouse Books.

The submission deadline is August 17th. For more info and a complete list of prizes, visit New York Photo Awards website.

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