Animation Director

Posted 16-08-2013, offered

The Animation Director interprets the script/storyboard into images and sounds that will best convey the story and characters presented by the writer while maintaining a quality consistent with the respective series/production; plan and coordinate all the images and sounds that make up the show. They manage his/her animation team effectively and efficiently in order to complete the production on time.

Responsibilities and duties:

Ensure that the production for which he/she is responsible is completed on time
Ensure the production meets the standard of quality set by the Producer and Supervising Director
Consult with Animation Supervisor as to the technical feasibility of elements in the script and suggest production friendly solutions that will maintain the vision of the series
Study scripts/storyboards and use these as a basis to design the strongest sequences possible given the resources available
Complete the final cut of the show and ensure that the editing serves the story and action of the production
Manage a team of animators and consult with the Animation Supervisor to best assign work to animators based on their individual skills and strengths
Direct and coordinate animation, instructing animators on the position and the angle of their shots, acting of the characters and the timing of their motions
Work with VFX Supervisor to achieve quality consistent with other episodes in respective series
Maximize the re-use of animation when the production schedule calls for it
Overall, be aware of the show/series continuity
Check in with the Animation Tracker and be aware of where each Animator is within their assignments (using “SPARCX”)
Include AD in all relevant meetings to ensure show status is effectively communicated throughout production
Direct and coordinate animation fixes and enhancements as per instructed by the Supervising Director

Qualifications and experience:

At least 2+ years in Directing for Animation Television/Film
Understanding of animation timing and posing
Familiarity with 3D animation and the strengths and weaknesses of CGI animation
Understanding of filmic storytelling principles and techniques
Ability to communicate processes, concepts and present specific viewpoints
Ability to create entertaining and persuasive messages
Ability to present specific viewpoints and influence others
Ability to identify and manage different needs of individuals, groups, etc
Excellent planning and time management skills
Deadline motivated
Critical thinking skills

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