Art Director

Posted 12-09-2014, offered

Deep Group are looking for an incredibly creative person who is motivated by an intense-but-rewarding work environment. They want an Art Director that can successfully work with several other incredibly creative people all focused on concepting and executing amazing projects and campaigns for clients they love.

A multi-talented skill set is a plus. Have a background in film? Fantastic. Possess a knack for music production? Booyah. Like to create digital animation projects as a side-hobby? Excellent. As far as they’re concerned, a Swiss Army Knife is a valuable asset.

Job Requirements

• 3+ years of art directing experience (preferably in a fast-paced work environment)

• Ability to research, design and produce graphics and illustrations for various media

• Ability to lead and direct projects involving the use of design software like Adobe Creative Suite

• Ability to complete projects with quick turnaround—preferably with a positive attitude

• Willingness to work with copywriters, designers and the creative director to coordinate conceptualization, development and presentation of communication projects

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