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Posted 18-11-2010, offered

This is one of the World Trade Center\\\'s major bonus points: The space is designed so that we can arrange it to suit virtually any purpose. The heavy rear wall of the World Trade Hall, weighing in at 16 tons, can be rolled up at the touch of a button. The side doors to the adjoining rooms, \\\"Rio\\\" and \\\"London\\\", can also be opened wide. \\\"Tokyo\\\" and \\\"New York\\\" are likewise adjacent to one another and are equally suitable for use as lunch rooms, lecture halls or seminar rooms. And all of the rooms have easy access, from \\\"Lima\\\" and \\\"Vienna\\\" to \\\"Sydney\\\" and \\\"Paris\\\", including the extra-wide delivery entrance. Everything is on exactly the same level without any tricky thresholds to negotiate.

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