Experienced Post Producer with focus on Editorial, CGI and Finishing Post Production

Posted 17-08-2015, offered

Experienced Post Producer needed at Busy Los Angles Production and Post studio with focus on Editorial, CGI and Finishing Post Production

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Daily tasks typically involve a combination of post-production session management, meetings,

scheduling, supervision, problem solving and workflow optimization.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Negotiate fees for all projects based costs and manage large budgets and allocation of funds.

• Supervise client sessions to ensure budget is maintained and all notes are addressed, providing

clear instructions to all artists on the pipeline.

• Scheduling of all projects, deadlines, client sessions and work closely with team to meet

benchmark dates and keep clients apprised of any potential delays.

• Develop assumptions based on project outline and maintain track of scope.

• Quality Control of all digital and physical content.

Apply here: bit.ly/jobsCVLT

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