Feature Animation - Lighting Lead

Posted 16-02-2012, offered

Company Lucasfilm Animation Company Singapore
Location Singapore
State Singapore
City Singapore
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The Lighting & Compositing Lead’s primary responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the lighting and compositing teams, assisting artists hands-on with their work both technically as well as aesthetically, mentoring and training artists, and interfacing with technical staff on pipeline development and maintenance.
The Lighting & Compositing Lead is supporting the Lighting & Compositing supervisor by working closely with seniors and lighting/comp artists on implementing the expected and desired look of the animated feature film.
Mentoring individual artists technically as well as aesthetically. Helping new hires to get up to speed, in collaboration with Senior artists.
Supporting the Lighting and Compositing Supervisor with occasional reviewing of work of artists and approving shots for submission to the Lighting and Compositing Supervisor and CG supervisor.
Participates in the recruiting and staffing of the Lighting and Compositing team - assesses the work of prospective candidates for the hiring process and works with production management and Lighting & Compositing Supervisor on hiring decisions, as needed.
Partners with Lighting & Compositing Supervisor and production management to guide artists’ overall professional development, providing performance feedback and maintaining positive morale amongst the crew.
Attend all relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Art/Science or Computer Graphics or equivalent work experience having gained an understanding of color theory, composition, lighting, aesthetics and how these apply to lighting and rendering in 3d
6+ years production experience with strong working knowledge of various software platforms including Maya, Shake, Nuke or other high end Animation software.
Previous experience in a leadership role on a Feature film or Animated Feature project
Knowledge of UNIX and shell scripts.
Ability to plan and execute complex 3d lighting scenes including working with layers and passes, doing complex comps and optimizing scenes and renders
Some photography experience a plus (understanding of composition, photography terms like depth of field, FOV, aperture, exposure, dynamic range)
Working experience with compositing software (Shake, Nuke, Combustion, AfterEffects or similar)
Highly proficient skills in technical problem solving.
Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal)
Passion for Film and Animation
Demo reel should display a firm artistic understanding of Light and Composition. A shot breakdown listing jobs performed for each shot is required.


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