Filmmaker Looking For Corn Crops Field for Feature Film

Posted 18-09-2013, offered

New York based filmmaker Tim Duff is researching possible locations to shoot a feature film that takes place mostly in and around corn crops.

The film is a Sci-Fi thriller. The ideal scenario shoul be that a family who discovers crop circles around their farm and soon get attacked by some unworldly invaders.

Information about corn crops in Puerto Rico is needed.

and also the following questions:

When are the crops planted and then harvested?

What is the earliest timeframe where crops grow above people's heads?

What is the absolute latest in a season that the crops can stay alive?

Are corn mazes common or are there only crops for corn sales?

Is there a similar crop to corn, like wheat, that is more common or has a longer season?

If you are a good location fixer, please contact him ASAP.

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